Call of Duty: Doctor Battles COVID-19 Health Crisis Through Telemedicine

Doctor Neilda Baron, M.D. ’77 doesn’t regret the jump she made into pharmacological medicine 24 years ago when her two oldest children were three and four. Long and inconsistent shifts as an [...]

ER, EMS Doctor Navigates COVID-19 on the Frontlines

Matt Steenberg (LS ’93) recently taught his son how to tie his tie over FaceTime. Steenberg, an emergency medical doctor, has been living separately from his family for the last month as an extra [...]

Stories from the Frontline: New Nurse Navigates a COVID-19 World

Kate Treanor ’14 was halfway through her first undergraduate degree as an English Literature major at Holy Cross College when her father became sick and hospitalized from a rare form of [...]

Stories from the Frontline: Delivering New Life Under Dire Circumstances

Ghislaine Smith ’08, a third year OB/GYN resident at Saint Barnabas Hospital, said that as the coronavirus continues to spread throughout the country, New Jersey is running out of essential [...]

Stories from the Frontline: The Mental Health Aspect of a Global Pandemic

Oak Knoll alumna Alicia Romeo ’90, M.D., a psychiatrist with the Atrium Health Levine Cancer Institute in Charlotte, North Carolina, isn’t a novice when it comes to helping patients cope with [...]

Pandemic Relief: Alum Starts Summit Effort to Support Frontline Hospital Staff

As the COVID-19 pandemic shut down schools for her children, Katie Curran Darcy ’92 sprang into action, searching for ways to help those around her.

Hands On By Design: Julia Benton ’18

When deciding on her educational pursuits after Oak Knoll, Julia Benton ’18 knew she was looking for something different — a place that could feed the curiosity about the world first fostered in [...]

A Song for Charity: Merynda Adams ’84

Merynda Adams ’84, a professional harpist, has been using her gifts and a spirit of compassion to help those in need. In 2015, Adams was inspired to begin creating what would become the Chamber [...]

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