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Stories from the Frontline is a signature Oak Knoll editorial feature that aims to highlight all of the hardworking alumnae/i of Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child who are out on the frontlines of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. These alumnae/i may be in the medical, law enforcement, and other emergency service fields. Do you know someone we should talk to? Email

Stories from the Frontline

Nurse Practitioner Does Her Part to Keep Public Healthy

The spark that led Jeanne Horsey ’90 – mother to McCormick Horsey ’20 and Sadie Horsey ’21 – into the health profession, first flickered while working as a volunteer EMT during high school. Even after college, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing, the flame remained lit as Horsey continued her volunteer EMT work in Harding, NJ, to help those in need.

NYC Epidemiologist Battles COVID-19

Dr. Krystina Padkowsky Woods ’98 — an infectious disease physician, hospital epidemiologist, and medical director for Infection Prevention at Mount Sinai West — spent years learning how to treat infections like sepsis, malaria, hepatitis and HIV. But when the newest infectious disease and respiratory pathogen – COVID-19 – slammed her hospital in New York City this spring, it caught most in the medical field by surprise.

Pediatric Intensive Care Physician Treats Inflammatory Syndromes In Children

At 34 weeks pregnant with her third child, Dr. Susan Schmidt Gomes ’01 felt guilty when she wasn’t able to help treat COVID-19 patients in New York City. Before becoming a pediatric intensive care physician at St. Christopher’s Hospital in Philadelphia, Gomes spent years in medical school learning how to treat ARDS — Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome – one of the main complications associated with COVID-19.

Call of Duty: Doctor Battles COVID-19 Health Crisis Through Telemedicine

Doctor Neilda Baron, M.D. ’77 doesn’t regret the jump she made into pharmacological medicine 24 years ago when her two oldest children were three and four. Long and inconsistent shifts as an Internal Medicine Resident / Hematology-Oncology Fellow filled her days, nights and weekends with work but left her with little or no time to spend with her young children.

ER, EMS Doctor Navigates COVID-19 on the Frontlines

Matt Steenberg (LS ’93) recently taught his son how to tie his tie over FaceTime. Steenberg, an emergency medical doctor, has been living separately from his family for the last month as an extra precaution while on the frontlines caring for COVID-19 patients.

Stories from the Frontline: Helping Patients Regain Independence One Step At a Time

Laura Steenberg ’05 was always the Oak Knoll classmate that others could count on. She tended to scraped knees, helped when classmates needed to go to the nurse’s office and lent a listening ear, always with a smile on her face.

Stories from the Frontline: Nursing Patients Inside NYC ICU Unit

Olivia Gasser ’14 is thankful for her college internship while at Georgetown University where for one summer, she worked with adult patients in the ICU unit at Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital in New York City. Gasser, a pediatric ICU nurse now at New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell in NYC, was told last week that her unit, which treats pediatric ICU patients, was converting into a full adult ICU unit to treat those with COVID-19. Gasser is now one of the nurses on the frontlines treating adult COVID-19 patients 3 days a week.

Stories from the Frontline: New Nurse Navigates a COVID-19 World

Kate Treanor ’14 was halfway through her first undergraduate degree as an English Literature major at Holy Cross College when her father became sick and hospitalized from a rare form of pneumonia. After witnessing the life-saving care the medical team and nurses from Brigham and Woman’s Hospital in Boston performed, Treanor changed career paths to become a nurse.

Stories from the Frontline: Local Family-Owned Grocery Chain Feeds Frontline Heroes

When Ali Sumas Good ’95, Oak Knoll’s varsity field hockey coach, and her family heard rumblings about a widespread virus beginning to wreak havoc in New Jersey, they immediately sprang into action.

Stories from the Frontline: Delivering New Life Under Dire Circumstances

Ghislaine Smith ’08, a third year OB/GYN resident at Saint Barnabas Hospital, said that as the coronavirus continues to spread throughout the country, New Jersey is running out of essential supplies and ventilators.

OKS Frontline Heroes

  • Neilda Baron, M.D. ’77, U.S. Oncology Medical Affairs, Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation
  • Katie Curran Darcy ’92, Front-Line Appreciation Group of Summit
  • Olivia Gasser ’14, pediatric ICU nurse, New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell
  • Dr. Susan Schmidt Gomes ’01, M.D., pediatric intensive care physician, St. Christopher’s Hospital
  • Ali Sumas Good ’95, Village ShopRite Supermarkets
  • Jeanne Horsey ’90, Madison Pediatrics
  • Alicia Romeo ’90, M.D., Psychiatrist, Atrium Health Levine Cancer Institute
  • Ghislaine Smith ’08, OB/GYN resident, Saint Barnabas Hospital
  • Laura Steenberg ’05, Occupational Therapist, The Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Matt Steenberg ’93 (LS), ER & EMS Doctor, MD1
  • Laura Sumas-Barry ’03, Village ShopRite Supermarkets
  • Kate Treanor ’14, hematology/oncology nurse, Lahey Hospital and Medical Center
  • Krystina Padkowsky Woods ’98, Medical Director, Infection Prevention, Mount Sinai West
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