Lifelong Learning Takes Root in Oak Knoll’s "Little Acorns" Kindergarten

Kindergarteners are inquisitive by nature – and Oak Knoll provides the perfect environment for young learners to let their imaginations lead as they explore, create, and discover new interests, skills, and talents. 

Our kindergarten program introduces young students to a rich array of compelling academic lessons in technology, world language, science, language arts, math, and social studies, as well as extracurricular activities in physical education, music, drama, dance, and art. Ready for your Little Acorn’s love of learning to take root?

The Oak Knoll Kindergarten Experience

What makes Oak Knoll’s kindergarten program unique? In addition to introducing students to special Lower School traditions for the first time (such as our weekly Lower School Assembly and annual Kindergarten Christmas Pageant), kindergarten encourages young students to reach for big goals: 


  • Engage in class discussions and group activities
  • Express ideas in writing using the correct letter shape, size, and spacing
  • Identify shapes, rhyming words, matching pairs, characters, settings, and events of a story
  • Recognize letter-sound relationships, months, weeks, and days of the year, and grade-appropriate sight words

Developmental Goals

Students ask questions and become more eager to learn new things.

Students comprehend teachers’ directions and confidently communicate their needs.

Students initiate helpful tasks like putting away their belongings and cleaning up after playtime.

Students actively listen to instructions, follow basic safety rules, and are able to answer questions about activities and assignments.

Students share with others and take turns during group play.

Kindergarten Curriculum

Our academically-based kindergarten curriculum channels young students’ excitement for learning into group activities and independent work while leaving lots of opportunities for indoor and outdoor play. 

Children explore, investigate, and discover core academic programs, as well as physical education classes, music, drama, creative movement, technology, art, religion, Spanish, and story time in the classroom and library.

Is Your Child Kindergarten Ready?

Explore our free Kindergarten Readiness Resources library for articles and ebooks that will help prepare your child for their first “real-school experience.”

We invite your child to grow with Oak Knoll.