Giving Opportunities

Ways to Give to Oak Knoll

There are many ways you can make a gift to Oak Knoll and show your support for the mission of Holy Child education. Oak Knoll’s development staff can assist in tailoring a giving plan to meet each donor’s philanthropic objectives. Following are details on current giving opportunities: the Oak Knoll Annual Fund, planned giving, and endowment.

Gifts to the Annual Fund Help Us Live

To ensure the continued health and strength of our school, we ask all those within the Oak Knoll community — current parents, trustees, faculty and staff, alumnae/i, parents of graduates, grandparents, and friends — to participate in the Oak Knoll Annual Fund. Contributions to the annual fund meet the needs of today, supporting our current students and our talented faculty. Unrestricted gifts to the annual fund are most appreciated and are used where the need is greatest. Donors may also designate their gifts to one of five special funds, including community service, creative arts, athletics, faculty development, or financial aid. The annual fund campaign runs every year from July 1 through June 30.

Oak Knoll appreciates and recognizes gifts of all sizes. What matters most is your participation! Leadership gifts are the cornerstone of the Oak Knoll Annual Fund, and we have been fortunate that our average current parent gift has been more than $2,500 since 2010. The Founders’ Circle recognizes gifts of $2,500 and above. We hope you will consider joining. Please remember that matching gifts count toward your annual fund giving level, and can double your gift! With your generosity, Oak Knoll will continue to maintain its excellence today and well into the future. For annual fund information, or to make your gift by phone, call Elizabeth O’Mara ’86, director of annual giving, at (908) 522-8105. You can also make an online donation.

Planned Gifts Help Chart Our Future

Planned gifts are made by donors who believe in Oak Knoll and desire to make substantial gifts to the school through estate planning. Gifts may take various forms, with bequests through wills perhaps the most familiar. Gifts through other instruments can provide the donor with a lifelong income, as well as immediate and long-term tax benefits.

The school’s board of trustees clearly recognizes the importance of planned giving and wishes to thank, recognize, and honor planned giving donors during their lifetimes. To accomplish this, the trustees have established The 1924 Society, named in honor of the year the school was founded. Membership is automatic upon notification of a donor’s intention to include Oak Knoll in his or her estate plan.

The 1924 Society, Oak Knoll’s planned giving society, serves to acknowledge the school’s donors whose vision and generosity are helping Oak Knoll chart its future. Members of The 1924 Society embrace the commitment of the school’s founders, the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus, to provide students with a Catholic independent education of the highest quality.

We encourage you to join the founding members of The 1924 Society and consider a bequest in conjunction with your other methods of giving to the school.

By including Oak Knoll in your estate plan, you will not only receive the satisfaction of contributing to Oak Knoll, but you also can take advantage of resulting tax benefits. You can:

  1. Name Oak Knoll as a residuary beneficiary; that is, leave the balance of your estate to the school after all your specific bequests are honored.
  2. Leave a specific bequest of money or property to Oak Knoll.
  3. Make Oak Knoll a contingent beneficiary, meaning that, should your primary beneficiaries predecease you, your estate, or some portion of it, would be left to Oak Knoll instead of passing to unintended beneficiaries or to the state in which you reside.
  4. Establish a charitable testamentary trust in which income would be paid to someone for his/her lifetime and upon his or her death, the remaining principal would be left to Oak Knoll.

For further information, contact Cynthia Prewitt, director of Institutional Advancement, at (908) 522-8106.

Endowment Gifts Help Ensure Our Future

To ensure the preservation of Oak Knoll’s rich Holy Child heritage for future generations of students, the school recognizes the importance of building endowment. Endowment funds are financial assets that generate income through wise investment of the principal. Individuals may establish endowed funds through outright gifts, bequests, or other forms of planned giving. This ongoing effort provides the school with the financial reserves necessary to sustain a student body reflective of today’s world, attract and retain the most able teachers, maintain the school’s exceptional facilities, and offer the best academic, athletic, and extracurricular programs.

If you are interested in helping to continue the growth of a healthy and effective endowment for Oak Knoll, please contact Cynthia Prewitt, director of Institutional Advancement, at (908) 522-8106.

Frequently Asked Questions

The annual fund is a yearly fundraising program that provides a critical eight to 10 percent of the school’s operating budget. Every fall, annual fund volunteers ask members of the Oak Knoll community, including alumnae, alumni, current parents, parents of graduates, grandparents, faculty, and friends, to participate in this vital program. Our constituents are asked to give as generously as possible before the closing of the fund on June 30. Gifts to the annual fund provide immediate and visible benefits to each of our faculty and students.

Oak Knoll recognizes and is grateful to receive gifts of all sizes. Annual contributions range in size from $20 to $30,000 or more. Every dollar you give demonstrates the commitment you have to the School and this community, and we ask that you give as generously as your personal situation allows. The important thing is that you give! Since 2010, our average parent gift has been just over $2,500. The Founders’ Circle recognizes leadership gifts of $2,500 or more, and gifts of $500 or more from young alumnae/i. Matching gifts also count toward your annual fund gift giving level.

Oak Knoll’s fiscal year runs from July 1 until June 30 every year. Annual fund donations must be received on or before June 30 to be counted toward that year’s campaign.

Making your gift couldn’t be easier. You can mail your contribution to Oak Knoll School, P.O. Box 5005, Short Hills, NJ 07078-5005, attn: Development Office. Make checks payable to “Oak Knoll School.”

You can also make your gift in a single payment or spread it over several months with a monthly, recurring charge on your credit card. To make your gift online, visit

Gifts of appreciated securities (stocks, bonds, and mutual funds) are also accepted. Please call Barbara Lindner at (908) 522-8104 for transfer instructions.

If you’re not ready to send your gift right now but want to support the school, you can do so by making a pledge to be paid by the end of the fiscal year. A pledge immediately counts as a gift toward our goal of 100 percent participation. For more information, or to make a pledge, contact Elizabeth O’Mara at 908-522-8105.

Oak Knoll is a not-for-profit 501(c) (3) institution under the Federal Internal Revenue Code and is qualified to receive matching gifts. Over 15,000 corporations in the United States will match employees’ annual donations to independent elementary and secondary schools. Contact your employer’s personnel office to inquire about your company’s matching gift program. You can also check directly with the Council for Advancement and Support of Education to see if your company matches gifts.

Our goal is $1,000,000 and 100 percent current parent participation.

Oak Knoll recognizes and is grateful to receive gifts of all sizes. Leadership gifts are the cornerstone of the Oak Knoll Annual Fund. The Founders’ Circle recognizes leadership gifts of $2,500 or more and gifts of $500 or more from young alumnae/i. Matching gifts count toward your annual fund giving level.

Founders’ Circle
Cornelia Council: $25,000+
Grace Society: $20,000-$24,999
Connelly Society: $15,000-$19,999
Legacy Society: $10,000-$14,999
Heritage Society $5,000-$9,999
Cornerstone Society: $2,500-$4,999

Additional Gift Categories
Campion Club: $1,000-$2,499
Society Club: $500-$999
Friends Club: $1-$499
Royal Society: $25*

*(for alumnae/i who have graduated within the past 10 years)

Yes. You can request that your contribution be directed to the following funds: community service; creative arts; athletics; faculty development; or financial aid. The annual fund seeks unrestricted gifts so the administration may have the flexibility of applying gifts where there is the greatest need. Gifts to the annual fund by families with graduating seniors are automatically directed to the Senior Class Endowment Fund, which was established in 1996 and provides yearly support toward financial assistance for Oak Knoll students.

The annual fund is the cornerstone of all of our fundraising efforts and provides a critical 8 to 10 percent of our operating budget each year. Full participation in the annual fund indicates that, regardless of your gift size, that you believe in and are committed to providing the best possible education for Oak Knoll students. Full participation also sends a positive message to donors, whether they are individuals, foundations or corporations. These donors are often inspired to contribute significantly to the school when annual fund participation is strong within the Oak Knoll community.

Absolutely. If you would like to make an early commitment and make payment in the spring, you can make a pledge now and pay later. This pledge is considered a commitment and means that you will not be solicited for the annual fund again. We will send a pledge reminder when your pledge payment is due.

Yes. Oak Knoll is a not-for-profit, 501 (c) (3) institution under the Federal Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to the school are deductible to the full extent of the law.

No. Once a parent, alum, or friend contributes, he/she will not be asked for another donation to the annual fund during the remainder of the fiscal year (July 1 to June 30). A gift or pledge made in response to a letter or phone call will preclude further annual fund mailings or telephone calls. If necessary, a pledge reminder will be sent.

Gifts to the annual fund during the 2017-18 school year totaled more than $1 million for the twelfth year in a row. The average parent gift was $2,500, and overall current parent giving was close to 80 percent.

Annual fund giving provides for today. The budgeting process for the school year begins a full year in advance. The sooner we know how much the school can budget, the better the school will be able to plan and put your donations to work.

Give Now via PayPal

When giving through PayPal, you will receive an automatically generated emailed receipt. You will separately receive a more detailed confirmation from Oak Knoll for tax-deduction purposes. Thanks again for your support.

Give Now via OKS

2018-19 Annual Fund

Goal $1,000,000.00
Current $881,000.00
Remaining $119,000.00
As of Date 7/31/2018
Start Date 7/1/2018
End Date 6/30/2019
Last Year Amount $1,038,000.00

Giving Levels

Cornelian Society: $25,000+
Grace Society: $20,000-$24,999
Connelly Society: $15,000-$19,999
Legacy Society: $10,000-$14,999
Heritage Society: $5,000-$9,999
Cornerstone Society: $2,500-$4,999

Campion Club: $1,000-$2,499
Society Club: $500-$999
Friends Club: $1-$499
Royal Society: $25*
*(for alumnae/i who have graduated within the past five years and donated $25 or more)

Ways to Give

Gifts by check made payable to “Oak Knoll School” may be mailed to:
Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child
P.O. Box 5005
Short Hills, NJ 07078-5005
Oak Knoll can also accept gifts by credit card. You can make a one-time gift or a monthly, recurring gift. We accept American Express, VISA, Discover, and MasterCard. You can give online, or call Elizabeth O’Mara ’86, director of annual giving, at (908) 522-8105 with your credit card number.

Many employers match contributions made to charitable organizations, doubling or even tripling your gift. Often, your spouse’s employer will match personal contributions as well. In most cases, you will need to fill out a company form and enclose it with your gift. Please check with your company’s personnel or human resources department for information and for matching gift forms. You can also check to see if your company matches gifts here.

Matching gifts can double the amount of your personal contribution as well as raise your gift-giving level, so please take advantage of this opportunity if it’s available to you!

Gifts of appreciated securities (stocks and mutual funds) are accepted.

To make an electronic transfer

  1. Contact your broker or the custodian of your securities and advise them you wish to make a gift of securities to Oak Knoll.
  2. Contact Barbara Lindner, director of development operations, at (908) 522-8104 to alert the school that you are making a gift and to obtain transfer information.

Please ask your broker to send the stock via DTC (Depository Trust Co.) to the account of Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child at the following address:

R. Seelaus & Co.
DTC #0443— Account # TR3443462
R. Seelaus & Company
25 DeForest Ave. Suite 304
Summit, NJ 07901

Any questions concerning the transfer of stock, call Rich Seelaus at (908) 273-9010 or email

The value of your gift is legally established by the date on which you make the transfer to Oak Knoll School (postmark date of mailed certificates or date of receipt of hand delivered certificates) and the average selling price of the stock on that day.

To ensure your gift is credited correctly, please call or email Barbara Lindner prior to the stock transaction to ensure complete and accurate processing of your gift. If you have any questions, please call the Development Office at (908) 522-8104 or (908) 522-8105, or email:

The school will accept gifts of real estate. You might consider gifting your residence but keeping a life interest. This would allow you to continue living in your home as long as you wish, with the house passing to Oak Knoll at your death. The school also will accept outright gifts of any real estate that is free of mortgages or liens. Your tax adviser should always be consulted before making this type of gift.

Oak Knoll will accept gifts-in-kind such as, but not limited to, works of art, antiques, jewelry, and furniture.

The school will accept fully paid life insurance policies for which the donor has transferred ownership to Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child.

The school is happy to accept gifts and donations to Oak Knoll made in honor or in memory of family, friends, and other members of the Oak Knoll community.