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Oak Knoll: A Rigorous Middle and High School Curriculum for Girls

Research tells us that girls, particulary adolescent girls, thrive in the single-sex classroom because all-girls middle and high school classrooms offer young women exceptional opportunities. Our rigorous, college prep, middle and high school curriculum develops qualities essential to a meaningful life — qualities such as self-discipline, self-confidence, leadership, critical thinking, respect for a diversity of ideologies, and the ability to solve problems.

In our all-girls  9-12 high school academic program, nearly all girls take four years of math and science. Physics in grade 9 challenges even the most prepared science student to think in new ways and to gain a comprehensive understanding of the natural sciences. Physics, chemistry, and biology are taken by all Oak Knoll students, and many students take a fourth year of science in one of the advanced placement offerings or in the honors science electives program.

Our college prep program truly prepares the girls for the world ahead of them as Oak Knoll students travel, whether in the classroom or as an exchange student in Australia, Europe or Canada. As part of the academic program, all students take three years of a foreign language working to achieve proficiency in speaking and writing a language. Our middle and high school girls find the foreign language curriculum encourages them to appreciate global connections as they begin to understand the world today demands understanding and appreciation of world cultures.

Our middle and high school curriculum is rich with interdisciplinary study that spans departments and promotes holistic learning. Explore our rigorous curriculum; you will find that it is aligned with the highest 21st-century standards and provides a strong college preparatory program.

Profile of a Graduate

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  • Serves as an Ambassador

    The Oak Knoll Upper School graduate lives the philosophy of our founder, Cornelia Connelly, and promotes the mission and beliefs of Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child. 
  • Thinks Critically

    With an open mind and a deep intellectual curiosity, the Oak Knoll graduate conceptualizes, analyzes, synthesizes, evaluates, and applies valid information when reaching decisions and drawing conclusions.
  • Acts with Integrity

    At Oak Knoll, integrity matters in all facets of life.  Led by this conviction, the Oak Knoll Upper School graduate is honest, fair, and just in her actions. 
  • Leads Responsibly

    The Oak Knoll Upper School graduate is an inspired leader whose decisions reflect the principles of justice, peace, and compassion. She acts responsibly and reliably on a personal and social level, and collaborates effectively in achieving common goals.  Endowed with empathy and charity, the Oak Knoll graduate generously shares her time and talent.
  • Communicates Articulately

    The Oak Knoll Upper School graduate communicates her feelings, opinions and ideas clearly and effectively in writing and speech.  She listens thoughtfully and considers all points of views.  Her proficiency in a second language enhances her vision of the world.  
  • Connects Beyond Her Community

    The Oak Knoll Upper School graduate understands the relationship between the physical and human worlds and the interdependence of nations. Her respect for the environment informs her interactions with the planet. 
  • Achieves Harmony in Her Life

    Aware of our complex and ever-changing world, the Oak Knoll Upper School graduate strives to achieve and sustain harmony in all realms of her life. Her healthy sense of body, mind, and spirit guides her in making wise choices when faced with competing demands on her time. 

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Academic Honor Societies

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  • Cum Laude Society

    Founded in 1908 and modeled after Phi Beta Kappa, the Cum Laude Society aims to reward true scholarship and encourage the qualities of “excellence, justice, and honor.” The top 20 percent of the Senior Class is eligible for membership, with no more than the first 10 percent inducted in the spring of junior year, and the next 10 percent eligible for induction in the spring of senior year.
  • French, Latin & Spanish Honor Societies

    Students studying French, Latin, or Spanish at level IV Honors or higher are eligible for selection by the department for the Honor Society. Criteria for selection include academic excellence and interest in the culture of the language studied. Those eligible for induction are juniors or seniors in the Honors section of fourth-level language or an AP class.
  • Science National Honor Society

    The Science National Honor Society (SNHS) was started in May 2008, and the Class of 2009 is our charter class. Students taking higher level science courses are eligible for induction into this society. The society members will serve as student leaders in supporting all student scientists. Members will assist in the coordination and management of the student tutoring program, provide for SNHS speakers, and work with the science department to seek opportunities for all students in the sciences.
Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child is a Catholic independent school coeducational from kindergarten to grade 6 and all girls in grades 7 to 12. Oak Knoll was founded in 1924 and is one of 10 schools in the Holy Child Network of Schools that provides independent Catholic education across the United States.


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