Grades 9-12

Capstone Project

Gaining Real-World Experiences

During the month of May, seniors participate in the Senior Capstone Project, completing their high school experience. The Senior Capstone Project allows each senior to independently explore an area of interest, whether it is academic, creative, career, or service-oriented. Seniors are challenged to demonstrate their passion for discovery beyond the limits of the curriculum. As part of Oak Knoll’s endeavor to promote the growth of the whole child, the Senior Capstone Project helps to further the development of mature students capable of making and acting upon responsible choices, which enrich their lives and contribute to the lives of others. By engaging in a meaningful “capstone” to their education at Oak Knoll, seniors set reasonable goals, manage time wisely, act responsibly, and demonstrate initiative, which are all key skills necessary for success in future educational endeavors and beyond.

Reflecting on the Experience

Reflecting on lessons learned is an important component of the Senior Capstone Project. The seniors are responsible for completing and submitting a weekly log to the Capstone Committee in which they reflect on their experiences.

Final Presentation

The project culminates in June with an oral presentation during which the seniors share their experiences with peers, faculty, and members of the junior class.

Capstone News

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