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Welcome to our independent Catholic PK-12 school, where we believe that education is a journey of growth and discovery, much like the growth of an oak tree with deep roots. For nearly 100 years, our unique philosophy of education has proven that boys and girls learn and grow better together in our PK-6 coed elementary school, fostering healthy social interactions and diverse perspectives. In middle and high school, our girls-only 7-12 environment creates a supportive community where students can freely express themselves, form lasting friendships, and reach their full potential. This is when our girls can genuinely mature, blossom, and thrive.


Deeply Rooted in Purpose

At Oak Knoll, we believe every student has a unique purpose and calling. Here, we provide an environment where students can discover that purpose and positively impact the world. Rooted in Catholic traditions, values, and teachings, Oak Knoll delivers a solid foundation for our students to grow and thrive. Through our faith, our students learn to see the world through a lens of compassion, empathy, and kindness, just like the roots of a tree that provide stability and nourishment for the entire ecosystem.

Oak Knoll Voices


Amelia ’25: I’ve found this amazing community.


Nesa ’24: The supportive and academically challenging community is what truly drew me to Oak Knoll.


Aureliana ’26: There’s a place for you everywhere at Oak Knoll.

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