aerial picture of the oak knoll campus during the fall

Oak Knoll Branding Guidelines

Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child is an independent Catholic school, coeducational from pre-kindergarten to grade 6, and all girls in grades 7 to 12. Embracing Oak Knoll’s longstanding history and tradition of educational excellence, the school unveiled a new logo and tagline in July 2015. Faith. Wisdom. Service. These guiding principles form the foundation of the Oak Knoll community. When using the Oak Knoll logo, we ask that you please adhere to the following guidelines to uphold the dignity and sanctity of the school identity.

Primary Logos

The official school logo appears horizontally over a white or light background with navy blue and gold font. The logo may also appear over navy blue or dark backgrounds. In this case, the OAK KNOLL must switch to white text for readability.

Secondary Logos

Secondary logos are a variation of the primary visual identity for flexibility purposes. We allow a vertical version (which you may see across campus on our banners) and our circular crest that features the year of our founding, 1924. Similar to our primary logos, these secondary logos appear over a white or light background with navy blue and gold font. The logo may also appear over navy blue or dark backgrounds.

Spirit Logos

An Oak Knoll Royal is bold, brave, and compassionate. We are OKS, and the diagonal monogram is the chief visual component of the spirit of Oak Knoll. Our new spirit logos, designed by Oak Knoll alumna Margo Ganton ’17, feature a contemporary version of Oak Knoll’s lioness mascot, which symbolizes the attributes of an Oak Knoll student. Everyone at Oak Knoll is a Royal and is encouraged to wear these hand-drawn designs on uniforms, spirit wear, hats, accessories, and clothing. We ask that these appear in four-color (white, gold, navy, and gray) as intended. *NOTE: these spirit logos must be presented in our secondary colors, as noted below.

Pre-K Logos

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow. We welcomed our first class of Little Acorns Pre-K at Oak Knoll in the fall of 2020 with a fun, brand-new logo for our youngest learners. With this new logo, we proudly feature an oak leaf and acorn, which allowed us to introduce a new leafy green secondary color to the pre-K brand.

School Colors and Fonts

Oak Knoll’s primary colors are navy and gold, specifically Pantone 289 and Pantone 117. The school logo may sparingly appear in all black or navy with pre-approval. The spirit logos are the only ones with secondary colors, Vegas gold and gray.

oak knoll school font listing

Playfair and Lato are the primary typefaces for the Oak Knoll School logo. Garamond is the approved font for all Oak Knoll School communications.

Logo Use Policy

This policy provides instruction and guidance to the Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child community regarding using the school’s logos. The purpose is to protect the visual brand’s integrity and ensure the proper display of our assets as they represent our core mission and values. All logos must maintain approved colors, proportions, and design integrity.

Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child requires that those who intend to use the school’s name, logo, seal, or other copy-written materials do so by completing this form and returning it to the Marketing and Communications Office. Additional resources, such as letterhead, PowerPoint templates, Zoom backgrounds, and other digital assets, are available on the myOKS resource board under the Marketing and Communications tab.