aerial picture of the oak knoll campus during the fall

Oak Knoll Branding Guidelines

Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child is a Catholic independent school, coeducational from kindergarten to grade 6, and all girls in grades 7 to 12. Embracing Oak Knoll’s longstanding history and tradition of educational excellence, the school unveiled a new logo and tagline in July 2015. Faith. Wisdom. Service. These are the guiding principles that form the foundation of the Oak Knoll community. When using the Oak Knoll logo, we ask that you please adhere to the following guidelines to ensure the dignity and sanctity of the school identity is upheld.

Primary Logos

oak knoll horizontal logo for web over white

The official school logo appears horizontally over a white or light backgrounds with navy blue and gold font. The logo may also appear over navy blue or dark backgrounds. In this case, the OAK KNOLL must be switched to white text for readability.

Secondary Logos

oak knoll vertical logo over white
oak knoll vertical logo over navy

Alternate Logos

Grace Hall Logo over white
Oak Knoll 1924 logo over white

Though Oak Knoll was founded in 1924, Grace Hall, a manor house originally known as “Stoneover,” constructed in 1887, is the campus’ most iconic building. It houses administrative offices, classrooms and Grace Hall Chapel – the spiritual core of the campus that hosts a myriad of Upper School, Lower School and staff liturgies

School Colors

oak knoll color guidelines

Oak Knoll School colors are navy and gold, specifically Pantone 289 and Pantone 117. The school logo may appear in white and gold in certain circumstances. The logo is available in an all-black, but must be pre-approved.

School Fonts

oak knoll school font listing

Playfair and Lato are the primary typefaces for the Oak Knoll School logo. There are no exceptions. Garamond is the approved font for all Oak Knoll School communications.

Logo Use Policy

This policy provides instruction and guidance to the Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child community regarding the use of the school’s logos. The purpose is to protect the integrity of the logos, and to ensure they are used in an acceptable manner. All logos must maintain approved colors, proportions and design integrity.

To ensure the proper display of our branded identity and its representation of our core mission and values, Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child requires that those who intend to use the school’s name, logo, seal or other copy written materials do so by completing this form and returning it to the Marketing and Communications Office.