Jennifer WilsonDirector of College Counseling
  • Has Been with Oak Knoll Since: 2010
  • Previous Role(s) at OKS: Was also DEIJ Coordinator from 2014-22
  • Academic Degrees: MA – Sociology, Lehigh University; BA – Sociology; Economics Minor, Lehigh University
  • Favorite Ice Cream: I like it simple: vanilla with rainbow sprinkles
  • Favorite Quote: “Be here now.” – One of my past educators
  • Fun Facts: Loves traveling, impressing my friends with my geography trivia, and will always ask to pet any dog I see.
  • What I Love Most About OKS: The people are what makes Oak Knoll such a special place. This is a true community filled with people who care about one another.
  • Why I Became an Educator: I still remember the admission counselor I worked with when applying to my alma mater. My family and I had so many questions, and her guidance and professionalism helped make the process easier to navigate. I first became an admission officer, and then a college counselor, because I enjoy working with students and families to make this process as joyful and stress-free as possible. It should be an exciting time of self-reflection and looking ahead! As a first-generation college graduate, I am also passionate about creating access to education for all, as I know first-hand how life-changing education can be.