Commemorative Gifts

We gratefully acknowledge these donations made during the 2022-2023 academic year.

“In honor of Jeanne Mackin for her lifelong commitment to education. Thank you!”

“I was able to go to Oak Knoll because my parents could afford to send me there, but not everyone is as fortunate. I want to give back so that another young woman can go to Oak Knoll who may not be able to afford it on her own.”

“The Amazing English Department!”

“To my colleagues in the World Language Department, who day in and day out give their heart and soul to all that they do.”

“In honor of of all the teachers and staff who have made and continue to make Oak Knoll such a special place. Thank you for everything.”

“The Lower School faculty, staff, and amazing students and families.”

“My parents, who prioritized education.”

“We appreciate all that you have provided for us. Thank you.”

“To my OKS friends — we have the most solid friendship, over 20 years later. Thank you for OKS and for giving us each other.”

“In honor of my parents for making it possible and giving me an opportunity to attend an amazing school like Oak Knoll!”

“In honor of the strongest Royal I know, Abigail! Forever grateful OKS brought you into my life. Keep fighting, we’re by your side.”

“In honor of Amelia Marchisio ’23”

“In memory of Maureen Hopkins”

“In memory of Michael Saburn”

“In memory of Joseph Woerner”

“To honor Cynthia, Lizzy and Barbara who pulled me out of retirement to work with the best of the best!!”

“In honor of Maria Barry, for her helpful, can-do attitude and wonderful sense of humor! Thank you, Maria!”

“In honor of my mentor, leader, and friend, Chris Spies. I would not have made it through my first year in my new position without her guidance and support. Thank you, Chris!”

“This gift is in honor of the Lower School faculty and staff – it takes a village!”

“This gift is in honor of the Lower School students who bring me such joy every day!”

“In honor of Audrey Chobor ’22”

“Honoring our daughter Avery and the Class of 2025.”

“In honor of Elizabeth Eck ’22”

“The Class of 2023. May they never forget their Catholic values. May they have courage and fortitude in the face of adversity always.”

“In honor of the gold star class of 1979!”

“In honor of my hard-working, loving daughter Elizabeth. She is a gift to me!”

“In honor of my amazing granddaughter Clara, OKS class of ’23!”

“Clara O’Mara ’23, Zahra Jones ’23, and Megan McCann ’23 – dedicated Capstones and interns for the marcom office, past and present. Thank you for all you’ve done — we will miss you but know you’ve already made us so proud.”

“In honor of the class of 1999.”

“For my parents, Richard and Mary Jacobson, who afforded me with the opportunity of an Oak Knoll education.”

“To honor Jen Landis, our fearless leader, who is a great role model to our community and exemplifies the Holy Child goals.”

“In honor of my parents, Nonie and Francis Murphy!”

“For Adrienne Lee and in thanks for supporting the creative arts at OKS!”

“In honor of the class of 1999!!”

“This gift is in honor of my sisters Elizabeth Brodbeck Mercogliano ’94 and Sheila Brodbeck ’90, who I’m lucky enough to call my sisters!”

“Ms. McNany for inspiring a love of science.”

“Ms. Hannan for making pre-calc enjoyable.”

“Ms. Levchuk for being a wonderful English teacher and even better advisor!”

“For the entire Oak Knoll community: students, faculty, staff, parents, trustees, alumnae/i, and friends. It is an honor to be part of this extraordinary community.”

“In honor to all the staff who has contributed to my daughter’s growth at OKS. You are appreciated.”

“My lifetime friendships from the class of 1991!”

“In memory of our beloved mother, Wira R. Legedza, who loved Oak Knoll and called us her ‘Holy Child girls.'”

“To the students of OKS. Brilliant, strong, and always entertaining!”

“Mary Lou Carter – always giving her heart to Oak Knoll!”

“In memory of Father Frank McNulty in gratitude for his presence, wisdom, and grace which he shared so generously with the Oak Knoll community for many years. May he rest in God’s peace.”

“In honor of Sarah Maher ’23”

“In gratitude for my OKS education, the scholarship that made it possible, and the values of social equity and justice that were instilled and reinforced.”

“I’d like to honor my teachers from 1987-1991. I’m grateful for their kindness and knowledge.”

“Oak Knoll is the best place to work and grow as a professional.”

“In honor of my son’s fabulous OKS teachers – Jeanne, Ann, Anne, Chrissy, Kelly, Brigid, Tim and Kim. Thank you for all you!”

“In honor of the wonderful women from the class of 1994!”

“To the great faculty and their dedication to our children.”

“With gratitude to our God for His love.”

“For Oak Knoll School”

“In honor of Sue Hildebrandt who exudes Holy Child Spirit.”

“My family and friends.”

“In honor of Tim Saburn”

“My son attended the Lower School. It was a wonderful, nurturing environment. He was awarded the Cornelia Connelly award while he was there.”

“Cheers to the admission and enrollment team for another year of hard work, innovation, and success. Thanks for making work fun!”

“Honoring Suzanne Kimm Lewis for being an amazing mentor, coworker and friend.”

“Our OKS 2021 Grad Heather O’Hern.”

“In honor of the D.C. O’Maras … for everything!”

“This gift is in honor of my two amazing Class of 2023 graduates, Ben and Clara. Congratulations!”

“In memory of Jenny Myers ’98”

“To the top notch advancement team who work tirelessly for the Oak Knoll community!”

“To the outstanding Alumnae/i Board, led by Laura Sumas-Barry’ 03, who are committed to Oak Knoll and its mission.”

“In honor of Tim Saburn”

“In honor of the Lower School faculty and staff, for joyfully fostering a love of learning in our students each day.”

“Hank and Ruth Skarbek for the incredible gift of an OKS education.”

“To honor all the wonderful teachers, administrators and people at Oak Knoll that make it such a special place. While we’re sad our daughter’s journey as a student has come to an end, Oak Knoll will always hold a special place in her heart because of the teachers, people, and friends she’s met along the way.”

“In memory of Jenny Myers ’98”

  1. “This gift is in celebration of Chloe’s kindergarten graduation. We are so proud of you – continue to work hard and shine bright. We love you!”
  2. “This gift is in honor of Mrs. Cepp. Thank you for your warm welcome to the OKS community. Chloe loves you and so do we! We appreciate all you do for our family.”
  3. “This gift is in honor of Mrs. Wilson. Thank you for your kindness and passion for teaching! Chloe is thriving, loves school, and adores you. Thank you for helping her grow!”

“Patricia Cepparulo, your dedication and love for students clearly show. You are the most patient and outgoing person. You find reasons to make every student special and constantly remind them of that. You are a perfect example of what it means to be a holy child educator.”

“Mary Lou Carter is one incredible woman. Keep shining your wisdom and light with all of us…grateful for you!”

“In honor of the amazing women of the Class of 1991.”

“Elizabeth Mercogliano – Reagan is excited to play lacrosse with you next spring! :)”

“In honor of Mrs. Jeanne Mackin as she prepares to enjoy retirement. We are so grateful to you and will miss you!”

“Like to celebrate Matt Ross for his dedication to the students of OKS.”

“Honoring the World Language Department and in particular our dear colleague Ana-Serra Prescott who has been a great source of spiritual strength, peace and unity for us.”

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