Big Give Donors

On May 17, 2022, the Oak Knoll community came together to raise $110,555 during the school’s annual giving day, The Big Give. Throughout the day, community members were invited to support the school by thanking a person who has made a difference to them over the past year. In just 24 hours, 232 Oak Knoll community members, past and present, made gifts in honor of loved ones near and dear to their hearts. Click on our donors’ names below to read their messages of gratitude.

The Advancement Office
  • Jose Goncalves – A true visionary and our friend.
The Advancement and Marcom Offices
  • Matthew Wiggin
  • For my friends and colleagues in Mulcahy
  • Honoring my parents for their support and love
  • The wonderful Friendships I made at Oak Knoll!
  • Maureen Pluvinage Ellinwood ’99
  • In honor of Selma Hannan
  • A Proud OKS ParentOKS Lacrosse and the Parents’ Association
  • To the amazing teachers and administrators of Oak Knoll
  • Thanks for giving my daughter the best year ever!
  • In honor of Jeff Schroeder and his years of service to OKS
  • In honor of the class of 2024
  • The Advancement Office of OKS
  • In honor of Patricia Cepparulo
  • In honor of All-Girls Education
  • In memory of Amy Lynn Miller
  • Nickolas and Maria Agathis
  • Rosanne Alessi
  • The Archer Family (Brian and Gina)
  • Mary Claire Armstrong ’11
  • Elizabeth Armstrong ’14
  • Laura Baker ’06
Colleen Murphy Babbitt '09
  • In honor of the network of OKS women
Laura Westerhold Baker '06
  • In memory of Jean Cosentino
Neilda Baron '77
  • For my mom, Hiawatha Goins-Baron
Ryan F. Barry ’19
Laura Sumas Barry '03
  • In honor of the Oak Knoll community, faculty and staff
Michael and Ellie Barry
Moriah Bauman
Katie Bernot '06
  • In honor of Will Cardell
Kerrin Black '98
  • In memory of Jenny Myers ’98
  • Bernadette Magnier Briand ’76
  • Sheila Brodbeck ’90 and Miro Pasic
The Burton Family (Beth Hartnett Burton ’96 and Allen)
Meredith Callahan ’04
Corey Cankes ’02
Katherine Caufield '08
  • For My mom! Julie Maguire Caufield ’79 – for sending me to Oak Knoll!
Dan and Mary Chambers
Colwin and Nicole Chester
Megan Donnelly Child '91
  • In honor of Oak Knoll School!
The Chobor Family
  • In honor of Audrey Rose Chobor ’22
Andrea Chu ’10
Kathy Coughlin ’65
Mary Cummings ’07
Katie Cummings Siegfried ’03
Katie Curtin ’04
Christine Koch D’Agostino ’99
Courtney Hubschmann Dalebroux ’05
Katie Curran Darcy '92
  • In honor of my late mother, Barbara Curran
Jana DaSilva
Alyson Young De Soto ’06
Elizabeth Denehy ’18
Keith and Sherry Donovan
Keelan Happel Dunn ’04
Jennifer Redmond Dunn ’04
Hafeez Saheed and Lisa Earle
  • In honor of Emma Saheed ’18
James Eck and Juliet Moyna Eck '87
  • In honor of Elizabeth Eck ’22
Kristen Ehinger ’04
Janice Emering
Christine Falcicchio ’93
Sofia Fernandez ’91
Clare Fieseler '02
  • In honor of Will Cardell
Stephen and Mary Ford
Renee Herman Garber '99
  • In memory of Maureen Pluvinage Ellinwood ’99
Olivia Gasser ’14
Tracey George ’02
Aurora-Yasmine Ghorab ’19
Mike Good and Ali Sumas Good '95
  • In honor of Mrs. Sue Hildebrandt – for always being a bright spot in everyone’s day.
Joseph and Kelly Greeves
Dana Gusmer Gruber ’83
Maureen Guadagno ’07
Ed & Roxane Halter
  • In honor of Carlee Bennett and Patti Cepparulo – two amazing influences over Tara’s life over during her 13 years at OKS
Kathy Keyes Hart ’70
The Healy Family (Fergus and Alice)
Kenneth Rand and Lynn Hendricks Rand
Barbara Herkner
  • In honor of my family Wordle group. What fun!
Mary Ellen Hettinger ’72
Barbara Higginson
The Hillabrant Family (Christian and Clare)
Meghan Hodgin

For the love and support of my parents, Marilyn and Larry Shapiro, who taught me to be confident, resilient, and never satisfied.

McCormick Horsey '20
  • For the class of 2020
Allison Hubschmann ’07
Elizabeth Jacobson ’12
Julia Jacobson ’06
Jim and Sally Jordan
Susie Murphy Kelly '94
  • All of my wonderful teachers at OKS
Jeffrey and Alycia Kelly
  • The Teachers and Administration of OKS
Meghan Brodbeck Kim '99
  • The Class of 1999
  • For all educators, especially my sister Elizabeth
The Kivler Family (Russell and Clarissa)
Robert Kravetz and Nina Qureshi
  • In honor of Giorgio Kravetz
Eileen Lambert
The Larson Family (Matthew and Jessica)
Maddy Lawler ’10
Raye Jean Leastman
  • My colleagues in Mulcahy Hall
Tara Leone '96
  • In honor of Tricia Bender Trego ’73
Lisa Levchuk
  • In honor of Mary Hoskins-Clark ’88 and Camille Burke ‘77
Tom and Maura Lezynski
Barbara Rafter Lindner
  • In honor of Kathy Bernegger Coughlin ’65
Lauren Featherston Lloyd ’06
Maryalyse Carter Lopian '05
  • In honor of Mary Lou Carter – The heartbeat of our family
The Marchisio Family
Catherine E. Marshall '89

To Oak Knoll- for expanding my understanding of others, myself, and the world …

Karen Schessler Mastrangeli '91
  • To all those who helped me realize I was a young woman of promise
Marcy Maxwell ’63
Kathryn McCarthy '14
  • In honor of Christina Sumas ’98
The McDermott Family (Cheryl and Ryan)
James McEvoy
  • In memory of my grandparents, Mac and Mary McDonald
The McGowan Family (Owen and Deborah)
  • In honor of the teachers and staff at OKS
James and Kimberly McPhail
  • In honor of Lauren McPhail ’25
Eileen McQuillan
Kristin and Kevin McPherson
  • In honor of Norma Delepine
Robert Mercogliano and Elizabeth Brodbeck Mercogliano '94
  • For Mrs. Wilson, Ms. Hart, Mrs. Grimes, and Mrs. Nelson. Thank you for all your help and hard work in making this a great school year for Sean and Drew!
Elizabeth Brodbeck Mercogliano '94
  • For the class of ’94
Jennifer Milnes ’99
Gloria Miranda
  • With gratitude to God for His love
Vincent Longo and Kjersten Moody
Todd Mooney
Kerry Moran ’13
Kieran and Diana Moran
  • In honor of Melissa Maskery-White, for always being there for the girls
Michael and Barbara Moran
Molly Moran ’11
The Motroni Family (Sue and Marcus)
  • In honor of Ms. Carlee Bennett
Sarah Pierson Mulhaul ’05
Bridget Butler Murphy ’20
Kaitlin Leyden Murphy '07
  • In honor of OKS- for being my home for 13 years
Mary Joan "Nonie" Murphy
  • In honor of Sue Hildebrandt
Maureen Murphy '11
  • In thanks for the friends and Family I made at Oak Knoll
Joan Smith Myers ’73
Margaret Nevistich ’92
Karen O'Connor Newman '70
  • In honor of Edna and Bill O’Connor and Peggy O’Connor Kirk ’66 ϯ
Michele Nitti-Zarr ’17
Silvana Pedra Nobre ’06
Mark and Jill Novara
  • In Honor of Melissa Nelson
Kathleen O’Connor ’14
Paul and Clarissa O'Hern
  • In honor of Nicole Johnston for inspiring Heather O’Hern ’21
The O'Malley Family (Kevin and Vanessa)
  • In honor of Olivia and the Class of 2022
Elizabeth O'Mara '86
  • In honor of Maria Alvarez – We miss you!
  • In honor of the Parents’ Association – Thank you for all you do!
  • For Clara’s teachers – Lisa, Sean, Joseph, Sara, Nicole, and Jen
  • In memory – Amy Lynn Miller
Clara O'Mara '23
  • In honor of the Marcom office at OKS
Alison Pasciucco ’04
Turey and Henock Paulos
Janet and JD Pearce
  • In honor of Ms. Rebecca Mull for instilling a love of learning Latin in our daughter
Colleen and J.J. Pierson
  • In honor of Colleen O’Leary Pierson ’83
Laura Perillo
  • In honor of Maddie Schmidt
Cynthia Prewitt
  • Honoring Ann Marie Heckmann ’79, outgoing Alumnae/i Assn. President, and Laura Sumas-Barry ’03, incoming Alumnae/i Assn President and the entire Alumnae Assn. board for their commitment to our School and its mission. Thank you!
The Racich Family
  • To All of the amazing teachers and team at OKS who have been so amazing to our daughter this year – THANK YOU!!!
Kristine Santucci Rapport ’07
Linda and Richard Rafferty
Robert Redmond and Elise McDonough Redmond '77
  • In honor of the OKS Soccer Team
Sarah Slonaker Reed '94
The Reheis Family (Mike and Kara)
  • In honor of the outstanding educators and dedicated coaches of OKS
Dan Rodgers and Nicole Visceglia Rodgers ’91
  • In Memory of Linda Visceglia who started the OKS tradition in our family
Sara Rogers ’21
The Rubino Family (Vincent and Lucyanna)
Lauren Russo '04
  • In honor of Mr. Will Cardell. He embodies the best of OKS. Whether I needed help with math or wanted to practice calligraphy, Mr. Cardell was welcoming, encouraging, and patient. He is truly one of the best educators I have ever encountered.
Emma Saheed ’18
Mary Kay Finnerty Samko ’72
Eileen Schmidt ’90
Mary Waddington Schmidt '65
  • In honor of Joan Shepack Maher ’68
Colleen O’Keefe Schroeder ’04
Mary and Anthony Sciarillo
The Siedem Family
Grace Siegfried
Kyle Siegfried
Ashley Simpson ’03
Ilyssa McIntyre Smith ’08
Alisia Nolan and Richard Sosa
Mark and Christine Spies
Morgan Spies ’18
Christopher and Lynn Stebbings
Kerry Newman Sullivan ’91
Christina Sumas '98
  • In memory of Jenny Myers ’98. The kindest friend, teammate and sweetest soul
Nancy Sumas
  • In honor of the faculty and staff of OKS
Matt and Sara Sykes
Debra Tarowsky
Kaitlyn Lauber Thompson ’04
Kristen (Kentz) Tirney '01
  • In honor of Rita Kentz, US Teacher and my grandmother
Maria Tsettos
The Van Raaphorst Family
  • In honor of Mary Lou Carter, a true gift to the world!
Maria Denk Van Kirk '91
  • In honor of the class of ’91, my lifelong and closest friends
Megan Watkins
  • With gratitude for the blessing of this amazing OKS Community
Robert Weck, Director of Security
  • The Security Team at Oak Knoll
Gavin Weeks and Bridget O’Keefe Weeks ’06
Kathryn Werner '07
  • In honor of Sharon Hanley-Collins
John and Lori Westerhold
Linda Whalen
Katherine Westerhold White ’05
Jessica McBride Whitsitt ’05
Ken and Amy Kitchell Wincko ‘89
  • In honor of Kaitlin Wincko
The Zaleck Family (Craig and Mariellen)
Are You Ready to Make a Difference?
The Big Give Is May 21-22, 2024

Oak Knoll’s Big Give days of giving have begun! The Big Give is special because it’s not just a fundraising initiative; it’s an opportunity for our entire community to come together, celebrate each other, and make a meaningful impact that strengthens Oak Knoll. Whether you have been a member of the Oak Knoll community for one year or generations, you know that Oak Knoll is a special place. Let’s come together to celebrate the Spirit of Oak Knoll! Donate now to make an immediate impact.