Faculty and Staff

Oak Knoll School is distinguished by talented, dedicated faculty who instill in students a lifelong love of learning and the skills to pursue it. Aware that their influence reaches beyond the classroom, our faculty and staff approach their work both as a responsibility and a privilege. The school has built a nurturing faculty of departmentalized teachers who are experts in their particular fields. By challenging and inspiring students, they fuel children’s dreams and ambitions, encouraging them to excel. Many of our faculty members not only teach in the classroom, but also coach, take part in Campus Ministry, and moderate extracurricular activities. Our professional staff is also actively involved in the life of the school.

  • Alexandra Holzman Director of Upper School Admissions
  • Alisia Nolan
    Alisia Nolan Director of Lower School Admissions
  • Andy Hurd
    Andy Hurd Director of Facilities
  • Barbara Hughes
    Barbara Hughes Royal Shop Manager
  • Barbara Lindner
    Barbara Lindner Assistant Director of Institutional Advancement
  • Charles Douglas
    Charles Douglas Security Officer
  • Cindy Kubala Comptroller
  • Danielle Peckham, R.N.
    Danielle Peckham, R.N. School Nurse
  • Dr. Kelly Childs Athletic Director
  • Elizabeth O’Mara ’86 Associate Director of Institutional Advancement
  • Emiliano Morales
    Emiliano Morales Maintenance Assistant
  • Emma Kramer Admissions Coordinator
  • Gloria Marin
    Gloria Marin Bus Driver/Maintenance Assistant
  • Heather Evans Director of Finance
  • James McEvoy Associate Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Janet Nuara Accounts Payable Manager
  • Jennifer Landis Head of School
  • Jesid Cano-Ramirez
    Jesid Cano-Ramirez Maintenance Crew
  • Katie Curran-Darcy
    Katie Curran-Darcy Special Events Coordinator
  • Kelly Dun
    Kelly Dun Director of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid
  • Megan O’Connor Assistant Director of Admission & Data Manager
  • Meghan Hodgin Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Meghan Noya Administrative Assistant for College Counseling and Student Support
  • Melissa Miller Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice
  • Mike Chioffe
    Mike Chioffe Assistant Director of Technology Operations
  • Raye Jean Leastman Chief Financial Officer
  • Rob Andolina
    Rob Andolina Chief Technology Officer
  • Suzanne Hildebrandt
    Suzanne Hildebrandt Upper School Secretary/Assistant to the Division Head and Deans
  • Suzanne Kimm Lewis Director of Holy Child Mission and Philosophy
  • Todd Mooney Security Officer