19 Students Inducted Into World Language Honor Society 

Eighteen seniors and one junior were inducted into the World Language Honor Society on Thursday, March 7, 2024, in Oak Knoll’s annual induction ceremony. This ceremony celebrates students who are enrolled in upper-level language classes and have reached intermediate to high-level proficiency to advanced-level proficiency in Latin, French, or Spanish.

To qualify for induction, students must be either juniors enrolled in an honors level-five course or seniors who have surpassed Oak Knoll’s three-year language requirement and are currently in their fourth year of language studies in the honors four, five, or AP level. In addition to their language study, many of these students also commit to related activities, such as leading roundtables, visiting the Lower School to promote their language, peer tutoring, or writing articles for two of our world language newsletters, Ecoute-Moi (French) and La Vista (Spanish).

“These students represent a community of language enthusiasts who have dedicated countless hours to hard work, cultural exploration, and linguistic mastery,” said World Languages Department Chair Veronika Zavaleta-Tejeda. “Today, we honor our students who have not only embraced the challenge of learning a new language but have become ambassadors of cultural exchange and communication.” 

World Language Honor Society inducted the following students:

National Junior Classical League

  • Sarah Sherry ’24
  • Lucia Sylva ’24
  • Kylie Walsifer ’24

La Société Honoraire de Français

  • Stephanie Aguinaldo ’24
  • Eve Carbeau ’24
  • Sienna Capuano ’24

La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica

  • Maxwell Aranowitz ’24
  • Liandra Taylor ’24
  • Sofia Diczok ’24
  • Emerson Fitzpatrick ’24
  • Theresa Racanelli ’24
  • Agatha Cabrera ’24
  • Danielle Delano ’24
  • Carson Didden ’24
  • Sofia Duhart ’25
  • Lucy Duttenhofer ’24
  • Abigail Flood ’24
  • Jocelyn Monti ’24
  • Rory Weldon ’24

“Today, I’d like to reflect on the power of language to connect us across cultures and boundaries, creating a tapestry of diversity and understanding,” said Upper School Division Head Kate McGroarty in her opening remarks. “Let us continue to embrace the rich tapestry of languages surrounding us, recognizing how they intersect and mix to create our unique human experience. Languages are windows into different worlds. By embracing the diversity of languages and cultures, we open ourselves to new perspectives, experiences, and connections.”

Each inductee was asked to answer the prompt, “How has learning Latin, French, or Spanish been transformative, inspiring, and enhanced your world perspective?”

“Latin has turned me into a philosopher, as I find myself asking questions about why things are the way they are, and also trying to find answers,” answered Sarah Sherry ’24.

“French has taught me the value of being comfortable with the uncomfortable and the humility of being a constant learner of the world,” answered Eve Carbeau ’24. “Above all, French has revealed to me the true meaning and beauty of the human condition, companionship. 

“Spanish fuels a side of me that loves the arts, literature, and travel,” answered Carson Didden ’24. “I’m very grateful for the opportunity to study Spanish in my life, and I hope that all foreign language students learn to love their languages the way I love mine.”

Congratulations to all our inductees! As members of the World Language Honor Society, they are ambassadors of linguistics and cultural diversity, embodying the values of curiosity, empathy, and open-mindedness.