Lower School students reading together in the library.

Lower School (Coed, preK-6)

A Unique Private Elementary School Program

A Solid Foundation for Life
The stimulating academic environment in our coed preK-6 Elementary School provides solid foundational skill acquisition while developing critical thinking abilities.

Beginning with a private pre-K program, students’ excitement about starting school is channeled in group activities in the fall and more independent work by spring. The children are encouraged to explore, investigate, and discover.

What Makes Oak Knoll’s Coed preK-6 Elementary Program Unique?
Unique among private elementary schools, Oak Knoll’s preK-6 Elementary School is departmentalized. Children travel to different curriculum centers to learn from teachers who are experts in their fields. Students participate in a rich curricular environment that includes not only reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, and science, but also art, technology, creative movement, drama, choral and instrumental music, physical education, world language, and religion.

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