Students set up altar during annual grade 6 commencement Mass.

Mass and Prayer

The faith life of our community is of upmost importance — truly “God is Central in our lives.” Beyond daily prayer and prayers and Gospel readings at Friday Assemblies, we provide numerous prayer services and liturgies (Masses).

In addition to the celebration of the Holy Days during the school year, we also schedule the Liturgical Ministries Commissioning Mass and an Ash Wednesday Liturgy.

We plan numerous prayer services and prayerful opportunities throughout the year — highlights include the following:

  • Peace prayer service for grades 4-6 on or near September 11 and Founders’ Day on or near October 15.
  • In the fall, the fifth and sixth graders immerse themselves in the Liturgical Ministries program, which includes the Call to Service and the Liturgical Ministries Invitation to Ministry prayer services. These two services are followed by a full morning of our LiturgicalMinistries Workshop. For some of the activities, the third and fourth graders lend their support as prayer partners for the fifth and sixth graders.
  • Also, in the fall, the youngest grades have a special devotion on the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi.
  • During Advent, prayer-based activities include Las Posadas for Primary grades and Advent Wreath Blessing and lighting at assembly for grades preK-6
  • Christmas celebrations include the Nativi-Tea — grades 1 & 2 — and the Christmas Creche prayer service led by the sixth grade for grades 1-6.
  • The Kindergarten has a very special Christmas Pageant of their own in Bonaventura Chapel.
  • After Christmas we celebrate Holy Child founder Cornelia Connelly’s birthday in January.
  • During Lent we have prayer services for Reconciliation in grades 3-6, as well as a Stations of the Cross prayer service, which is often led by the fifth grade.
  • We offer Retreats, often in the spring, for grades 5 and 6, while grades 3 and 4 plan an Alumni Prayer Service.
  • Near Mother’s Day, we celebrate our Blessed Mother in a special way with our May Crowning, usually led by the sixth grade — with participation from all the grades.
  • Special highlights at the end of the year include the Second Grade Community Mass, the Kindergarten Graduation prayer service and the Sixth Grade Graduation Liturgy.
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