Students play hand clapping game during recess.

Clubs & Activities

Enriching Our Elementary Students Beyond the Classroom

Our preK-6 Elementary School students enjoy a number of activities outside of the classroom. From field trips and retreats to special assemblies and holiday celebrations, our boys and girls in the Lower School enjoy an enriching classroom experience during the school day. These memorable assemblies, special events, field trips, holiday activities, and enrichment programs make learning fun and build a sense of community among the school’s younger students.

In the after-school hours a variety of enrichment activities are available for a fee through the After-School Adventures Program — offerings change with the seasons but may include activities such as drama, cooking, chess, and music lessons.

Elementary School Clubs

Students in all grades are invited to join in a variety of academic, sports, and arts clubs through this after-school enrichment program.

Students in grades 5-6 meet once a month during lunch to discuss the book of the month!

Club 4 Change is open to grades 1-4, and meets twice a month. The club was originated to create awareness of those in need around the world, and encourage students to do whatever we can to help. The goal is to make a positive change in the lives of those suffering, to heighten global awareness and to make our world a better place.

Culture Club is the Lower School’s multicultural association for students in grades 5-6. At meetings, members share their cultures and ethnicities and discuss current topics about diversity. Activities include book discussions, round-table talks and presentations to broaden the discussion of diversity at Oak Knoll. Sometimes members present multicultural topics at school assemblies.

Students in all grades are invited to sign up for Drama Club through our After-school Adventures program. Students share their performances at our schoolwide Friday assemblies.

Students in grades 4-6 participate in weekly maker activities in the IDEAS Lab. We work through the engineering design process to find solutions to fun problems. Activities range from how to make the stickiest slime to which reindeer antler design will hold the most candy canes.

Students in grades 5 and 6 are invited to become a Mathlete through membership in the Math Club. Students get together before and after school to work in groups and solve Math Club challenges. Select students are invited to represent the school during several competitions

Students in grades 5 and 6 are invited to join in the creation of our Lower School newspaper. This newspaper will be published once each trimester. Students will conduct interviews, take photos, write articles, and design the layout of this special newspaper.

Open to grades K-6, this monthly club invites students to join in the saying of the Rosary during recess time. Rosaries and instructions are provided. Students gather in our Chapel and bring their intentions and prayerful hearts as we join in prayer to our Blessed Virgin Mary.

Students Promoting Attitudes of Respect and Kindness (SPARK) is a club for students in grades 1-6 who come together to make a difference in the world. Projects have included making cards for students on Valentine’s Day, cleaning up the local park on Earth Day and more.

Students in grade 6 provide leadership through action in their roles on the Lower School Student Council. Elections for the offices of president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer take place in the spring of fifth grade. In the fall, students in grades 4 to 6 are invited to run for class representatives. Monthly student council meetings are a time for representatives to bring student ideas and concerns to the student council.  The student council also helps in a variety of leadership roles throughout the year.

Photographers and editors in grades 5-6 discover and explore their passions while learning the ropes of the school yearbook.

Yoga and Relaxation club meets once a month. Students begin their club by ringing a singing bowl and naming something or someone they are grateful for. They practice breathing techniques, meditation, and yoga poses to cultivate mindfulness.