Coed Independent School in Summit, NJ: Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child: Grades 3-4 boys during class at Oak Knoll

Critical Skills Flourish in Oak Knoll’s Middle Grades 3-4 Program

Learning how to learn is an important component of Lower School – and in Oak Knoll’s middle grades program, we ensure students in grades 3-4 have the strong foundation they need to support and serve their educational journeys for years to come. 

Third- and fourth-grade students broaden their ability to think critically and independently as they learn to draw conclusions, differentiate between fact and opinion, make generalizations, and compare and contrast. It’s a time to solidify foundational skills and adopt new study skills, to grow in maturity, and become good global citizens. We invite your child to join us.

Oak Knoll’s Foundational Middle Grades Program

The middle grades are a time of growth and increasing challenge when students develop their sense of responsibility, expand their knowledge, and form close friendships with peers. These years are defined by our: 

Annual Traditions
Annual Traditions

The middle grades enjoy a trip to the Liberty Science Center, a special tree trimming party, a Valentine’s Day Prayer Service, and Alumni Pen Pal Prayer Service.

Intramural Athletics
Intramural Athletics

Third and fourth grade students can play and compete in several intramural athletic programs each season, such as basketball and soccer.

Music Lessons
Music Lessons

An optional instrumental program starts in grade 4, with strings, woodwinds, and brass instruments taught in small groups by a private music instructor.

Technology-Enhanced Learning
Technology-Enhanced Learning

With chromebooks for each student, students develop their typing, troubleshooting, presentation, coding, and robotics skills, and become responsible digital citizens.


  • Describe the relationship between events and concepts
  • Organize information to create new meaning
  • Read with accuracy and fluency
  • Research and write informative essays
  • Solve complex math problems using multiplication, division, and fractions

Developmental Goals

Students become more confident in their ability to achieve in academics and athletics.

Students become better teammates and collaborate with their peers.

Students begin to engage in passionate discussions of right, wrong, justice, and fairness.

Students develop a better sense of responsibility and begin to offer to help when others are in need.

Students begin to lead group activities in the classroom.

Middle Grades Curriculum

Third graders are encouraged to be curious, questioning, and observant, becoming active listeners and learners as they further develop their critical thinking abilities. Students advance their language arts and reading skills; expand their study of math concepts and processes,; explore life, physical, and Earth sciences; begin American Studies; and continue their journey of faith. 

Fourth-grade students progress to the organization of long-­term projects, report writing and research skills, and the scientific method of experimentation and observation. Students are encouraged to develop oral speaking skills in group discussions and share observations and ideas with others. The program focuses on developing independent thinkers and good global citizens.

We invite your child to grow with Oak Knoll.

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