24 Oak Knoll Students Mark Transition Into Middle School During Lower School Graduation

Twenty-four Oak Knoll students were graduated from Oak Knoll’s Lower School on Wednesday, June 8, 2022, on campus among family, friends, faculty, and staff while marking their transition to middle school.

Father Robert Stagg, pastor at the Church of the Presentation in Upper Saddle River, NJ, led a special graduation liturgy before Jennifer G. Landis Head of School presented students with their diplomas.

The celebration was packed with songs, prayers and a special sixth grade class video of students through the years at Oak Knoll during the evening ceremony.

Lower School Division Head Christine Spies delivered the farewell and blessing to the graduates.

“Congratulations grade 6!” said Spies. “Tonight, marks a milestone for you as you take what you‘ve learned at Oak Knoll’s Lower School and head out onto your next educational adventure.mCornelia Connelly, founder of Oak Knoll School once said, ‘First to bear adversities with endurance – then with willingness – then with joy.’ Students everywhere face challenges at school whether in their academic classes or even with friends at times. You have had these concerns magnified a bit over the past few years with the arrival of COVID. With each twist and turn to your school years you have faced forward with endurance, willingness and joy. As you leave the Lower School, please remember that no matter what challenge you face that you stick with it, accept it and try to have the best possible attitude, you will then be in a great position for success.

“I have seen the power of God working through you in all the ways big and small that you helped your teachers and your classmates. I’ve also seen God’s presence in all of you when you participated in the many service projects that we have here at school – some of you even organized those special projects. Whether you’ve cheered up a friend, loaned someone your notes to copy to help them get ready for a test, that little light inside of you burned bright. That little light is the light of God within you. As you move forward from the Lower School continue to let that light shine brightly for others as you have done for us here at Oak Knoll. The things that make you special are important to your success,” said Spies.

Congratulations Lower School graduates!