Algebra 2 Readiness with ALEKS: A Summer Bridge Program

Algebra 2 Readiness: A Summer Bridge Program
Format: This course is asynchronous, with one hour per week on Zoom
Dates: June 24 to August 8
Grades: 9-12 who are entering Algebra 2 in the Fall
Fee: $450
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Prepare for the challenges of Algebra 2 and elevate your mathematical proficiency with our intensive summer course, designed to empower students with the foundational skills needed for success in Algebra 2, using ALEKS (Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces). Whether you’re entering Algebra 2 for the first time or seeking to reinforce your algebraic foundation, this program ensures a confident start to the academic year.

Key Features:

  1. Private one-on-one sessions with teacher via Zoom: Throughout the course, students can schedule four sessions with an Oak Knoll teacher. Each session is an hour in length and will take place via Zoom. Once registered for the course, each student will select a day/time that meets their schedule for these sessions. Zoom sessions will take place between the time period of June 24 – August 8. 
  2. ALEKS Adaptive Learning: Embark on a personalized journey through algebraic concepts with ALEKS, an adaptive platform that assesses your current knowledge and dynamically adjusts the curriculum to meet your individual needs. Enjoy a customized learning experience focused on areas requiring reinforcement for Algebra 2 readiness.
  3. Comprehensive Algebraic Review: Revisit essential algebraic concepts, including linear equations, quadratic functions, polynomials, rational expressions, and exponential functions. This course serves as a thorough review, ensuring that you have a solid grasp of foundational principles before delving into the complexities of Algebra 2.
  4. Interactive Review Modules: Engage with interactive review modules that reinforce algebraic principles through hands-on activities. From practice problems to interactive exercises, these modules offer a dynamic and stimulating learning environment to refresh and solidify your algebraic skills.
  5. Problem-Solving Workshops: Participate in problem-solving workshops dedicated to applying algebraic concepts to solve real-world problems. Enhance your critical thinking abilities and gain confidence in approaching and solving algebraic challenges.
  6. Algebraic Applications: Explore real-world applications of algebra, demonstrating how algebraic principles are utilized in various fields. Understand the practical relevance of algebra and its impact on industries such as finance, science, and engineering.
  7. Immediate Feedback and Progress Tracking: Receive instant feedback on your performance and track your progress in real time. ALEKS’s feedback system ensures that you stay informed about your strengths and areas for improvement, allowing you to monitor and enhance your Algebra 2 readiness.
  8. Flexible Learning Structure: Benefit from a flexible learning structure that accommodates your schedule. Whether you prefer an intensive algebraic review or a more gradual approach, this course allows you to customize your learning experience to suit your needs.
  9. Pre-Assessment and Post-Assessment: Begin the course with a pre-assessment to gauge your current algebraic knowledge. Complete a post-assessment at the end of the course to measure your progress and celebrate your achievements in Algebra 2 readiness.
  10. Three-Month Access: Access to the online course begins on June 24. Students will have access to this course for three months. This will provide an excellent secondary resource as students begin the school year. It will also allow them to refine their math skills for the entire summer!

Whether you’re entering Algebra 2 with confidence or seeking to reinforce your algebraic foundation, our Algebra 2 Readiness with ALEKS offers a personalized and efficient learning experience. Join us for a summer of targeted mastery, skill enhancement, and mathematical confidence-building!