Class of ’36 Graduates Kindergarten On the Path to Becoming Mighty Oaks

The Oak Knoll Class of 2036 graduated from Kindergarten on June 4, 2024, in a joyous celebration of each student’s unique individuality and the grade’s collective unity. Acting out the parable of the mustard seed and the parable of the sower, bracketed by lovely songs and prayers, the students built on the theme of growth, wisdom, and blossoming.

“Bloom. Bloom. Bloom where you’re planted. You’ll find your way,” they sang. “Bloom. Bloom. Bloom where you’re planted. You’ll have your day.” And, it was undoubtedly their day as a class and unique children of God. With lively hand gestures and movement, they performed the song “Friends are like Flowers,” which states, ”Friends are like flowers, beautiful flowers. Friends are like flowers in the garden of life. Are you a daisy? Are you a rose? Are you a dandelion? You can be what you are. I’ll be what I am.”

Lower School Division Head Christine Spies welcomed family members, staff, and faculty. “This has been an amazing year,” she exclaimed. “Your children have grown so much. I cannot wait to see this group as they continue through the years here. I would use words like resiliency, collaboration, and joy to describe this group. They’re a great group of students, and they have a wonderful future.” 

Father Matthew Gonzalez of St. Bartholomew’s Parish in Scotch Plains presided over the service. “We come together today to thank God for all the growing we have done,” Fr. Gonzalez stated in his opening prayer. “Just like the seeds that the farmer plants, we too have begun to grow. We invite you to pray with us about the seeds we are growing. May they continue to grow in wisdom and understanding, rooted in purpose and guided by your life.” 

As the young students sang “Round the Oak Tree,” they reminded all in attendance that mighty oaks grow from little acorns. “You guys have been planted into this beautiful soil, this beautiful place at Oak Knoll, but also into your beautiful families,” Fr. Gonzalez continued in his homily. “And so, friends, as you continue to grow, our hope for you is that you bloom, bloom, bloom where you’re planted. That you might become the mighty trees that God is calling you to be.” 

Spies and Head of School Jennifer G. Landis gave each student their graduation certificate. The students sang, “We’re spreading the news. We’re leaving today. We’re gonna be a part of it. First grade. First grade,” to the tune of New York, New York. 

In closing, the students sang, “I am a Promise,” which aptly contains the lyric, “I am a promise. I am a possibility. I am a promise. With a capital P. I am a great big bundle of potentiality.”

Congratulations to the rising first-grade Oak Knoll Class of 2036!