Digital SAT Math/Standardized Test Prep

Digital SAT Math/Standardized Test Prep
Format: In-person
Teacher: Mr. Cardell
Dates: July 29 to August 8, Monday – Thursday
Time: 1-3 p.m.
Grades: 10-12
Fee: $475
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This two-week in-person class is designed with several goals in mind. First, students will be well informed about the structure, nature, and scoring of the SAT math test based on some significant changes made to this standardized exam several years ago and the new digital format initiated this spring. After a thorough introduction, most of the sessions will be spent on analyzing and solving different types of sample math problems taken from various practice SAT tests. Additionally, this course will focus on the different approaches to problem-solving, test-taking strategies, and the general navigation of standardized tests. A portion of the class time will be spent on examining the ACT math test to identify the similarities and differences between this test and the SAT. Individualized attention is a fundamental goal, ensuring that students completing this course will be ready to take an actual test with a set of customized strategies and a specific plan in mind. Our instructor, Mr. Will Cardell, has over 30 years experience teaching and tutoring students in math courses and standardized test taking.