Global Makers Celebrate Digital Citizenship in the Lower School

From PK-6, students have been especially immersed in technology this week as the Lower School commemorated Digital Citizenship Week from October 16 to 20 and Global Maker Day on Tuesday, October 17. 

Global Maker Day (GMD) connects students from around the world as they share projects, learning spaces, creations, coding, 3D designs, art lessons, and more. One aspect of the event is participating in challenges through problem solving, creativity, and play that are issued before the event and given in sessions during the day.

“Throughout the day we were streaming the Global Maker Day webinar and teachers from around the world had students come on and talk about their maker space projects,” explained Kimberly Connolly, Associate Director of Technology Innovation & Integration and Lower School Technology Teacher. “A young lady from India actually got us started when she related a global climate change project she completed using cardboard boxes and recycled materials to demonstrate how the climate has changed in different areas of her country.”

From the beginning of the academic year, Lower School students have been learning about digital well-being and safety using resources provided by Common Sense Education. Much of what they have been learning culminated this week as the students took part in Digital Citizenship Week sponsored by Common Sense Education and co-developed with the Center for Digital Thriving at Harvard Graduate School of Education. 

By now, Lower school students have all received age-appropriate “Device Advice” lessons to help them build healthy habits with media and technology. Common Sense Education also offers a calendar of special activities throughout Digital Citizenship Week and an in-depth curriculum that teachers can use throughout the year to help students take ownership of their digital footprints.

Connolly introduced the week by telling her students, “You know, this is a special week around the world. Other children just like you and other classrooms around the world are learning about digital safety and well-being, but you guys have really taken a deeper dive throughout the last month and this week you get to celebrate that!”

Digital well-being is stressed throughout the entire year, but this particular week is an opportunity for faculty to set the tone early in the semester and reinforce healthy habits and online behaviors.