Hello Week in the Lower School

Photo of teacher waving at studentsGetting to know you. Getting to know all about you. This past week in the Lower School was dubbed “Hello Week” as students in pre-K to grade 6 engaged in a series of activities designed to bolster existing relationships and ensure anyone new to the Lower School felt seen, heard, and included.

The goal with Hello Week was to continue making Oak Knoll a warm, welcoming and loving environment. The week unfolded as follows:

Monday: Hey Day

Students shared their favorite way to say “Hey!” Whether it was a gesture of greeting — sometimes even in a different language — students spent the day creatively noticing each other in a creative way.

Tuesday: Reach Out Recess

Faculty encouraged students to play with someone different and make a new friend.

Wednesday:  Name Tag Day 

Students and staff wore name tags all day as an aid in learning each other’s names. 

Thursday: Get To Know You Questions at Lunch

Question cards were provided at lunch for students to continue to get to know each other around the dining table. 

Friday: Feel Good Friday

Students chose a recipient for a special note of encouragement or a drawing to make them smile. 

Hello Week is just one of the many Oak Knoll initiatives that further realize the three pillars of our new strategic plan — People, Program, Place. Our top-rated coed Lower School plants the seed for a lifelong love of learning, encouraging boys and girls in pre-K through Grade 6 to grow into joyful learners, confident explorers, and compassionate citizens with a sense of responsibility that guides them for life. 


Photo of Minister talking to school congregation