Intellectual Curiosity Abounds at Second Annual Oak Knoll History Day Fair

Driven by a profound sense of intellectual curiosity, our Grade 6 students embarked on a historical exploration entirely of their own initiative, leading to the highly anticipated second annual History Day presentation at the Hope Memorial Library in the Upper School on Tuesday, March 12, 2024.

Demonstrating remarkable autonomy, each participating student handpicked their research topics, delving deep into historical inquiries. Throughout their investigative process and the meticulous assembly of their tri-fold informational displays, these young historians benefited from the individual guidance and mentorship provided by Upper School students over several weeks. This collaboration not only enriched their research experience but also fostered a supportive academic community, underscoring the spirit of mentorship and inquiry that thrives at Oak Knoll.

This year’s presentations included facts about the Holocaust, an overview of fashion and modeling, and a look at the life of President John F. Kennedy.

When asked what was the most valuable lesson she learned from the process, Olivia Ramdass ’30 said, “When something doesn’t go right, don’t just quit; keep on going.” She then pointed out a few areas of her presentation that she reworked.

“I got involved in History Day because I love social studies; it’s one of my favorite subjects,” explained Elsie Castelblanco ’30.

The annual History Day is a special event, not only because it enhances the educational experience for our students but also strengthens the bonds of our community, showcasing a remarkable spirit of mentorship and scholarly pursuit.