Leaders with Purpose: Student Council Inductions

Last week, the Upper School held an induction ceremony for our student council members. One by one they approached the podium to address their peers and offered their hopes and goals for the year. Their comments certainly reflect one of the pillars in our recent strategic plan, that Oak Knoll is a community of People with Purpose. Here are some excerpts…

Some goals I have for our grade this year are to grow closer to each other, make everyone feel welcome and inclusive and have a fun year filled with memories. – Laura Spagnoli (Grade 7 Class President)

I have only been here for a very short period of time, we are already learning so much as the year goes on. I hope I can make this year great for everyone in the upper school. –  Cailyn Lukas (Grade 7 Vice President)

This year I believe that our class will go out of our comfort zones, make new friends, and have fun. – Caroline Burr (Grade 8 President)

I hope that I can help our class to do some really fun activities this year, and encourage everyone to make this year our story. – Rorygrace Thompson (Grade 8 Vice President)

One of my goals is to demonstrate self confidence as well as help people achieve their own confidence. – Carolina O’Malley (Grade 9 President)

It’s our first year of high school. This gives us the chance to have a new beginning and make it our own. – CeCe Honeker (Grade 9 Vice President)

My goals include grade bonding activities, so sophomores can grow close together and support each other before we become upperclassmen. – Chloe Bourneuf (Grade 10 President)

I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to help represent the sophomore class, and I can’t wait to see how we build our journey.  – Caitlin Canal (Grade 10 Vice President)

I intend to work hard to really support the statement, “the people make the place”.  – Maxi Aranowitz (Grade 11 President)

This new school year, let’s forget about the hardships we have had to face these past few years, and instead rewrite and reshape our time here in highschool. – Lucy Duttenhofer (Grade 11 Vice President)

I truly believe that my peers bring such fire and uniqueness to Oak Knoll. – Zoe Boggier (Grade 12 President)

Make your story one you would want to read. – Mary Kate Bolster (Grade 12 Vice President)

Students performing community service