Oak Knoll Celebrates Creative Arts During 30th Annual Arts Recognition Ceremony

Nearly 30 students were recognized on Thursday, April 20, 2023, for their leadership, outstanding achievement, and dedication to the creative arts at Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child during the 30th annual Arts Recognition Ceremony.

Student arts leaders, faculty advisors, directors, administrators, and parents gathered in the Mother Mary Campion Center for the Performing Arts to celebrate the outstanding achievements of students in various artistic fields, including visual arts, music, theater, dance, photography, and writing.

At the art recognition ceremony, students earned awards for achievement, dedication, and leadership representing the following extracurricular activities: Aquila, Dancers, Dramatica, Ensemble, Freestyle, Photo Club, the Musical, Scribes, Stage and Lighting Crew, and Untucked.

“The Arts Celebration is always a wonderful culmination to the yearly accomplishments of our many arts organizations,” said Creative Arts Director Will Cardell. “Our talented fine and performing young artists never cease to amaze me in their creative achievements and their willingness to share the richness of their work with the Oak Knoll community. This year is no exception, and I surely speak on behalf of all our directors and advisors in offering my gratitude to these wonderful students.”

Creative Arts Council President Katie Nguyen ’23 addressed students, faculty, staff, and parents, with a beautiful reflection about the vital role the arts play in shaping students into the people they are today.

The award recipients for Oak Knoll School’s 2023 Arts Recognition Awards include:

Leadership Award — Recognizes students who have guided their organizations with vision and purpose.

  • Liandra Taylor ’24 — Dancers
  • Courtney Coyle ’23 — Scribes
  • Desiree Mitchell ’23; Emma Kilgallen ’23 — Aquila
  • Michaela Castano ’25 — Lighting Tech Crew
  • Vanessa Brum ’23 — Ensemble
  • Mary Kate Bolster ’23 — Musical (Cast Award)
  • AvaClaire Lago ’25 — Musical (Production Staff Award)
  • Kate Cugno ’23 — Freestyle
  • Megan McCann ’23 — Untucked
  • Lauren White ’25 — Dramatica

Service & Dedication Award – Recognizes students dedicated to their group’s endeavors and show a willingness to help others.

  • Katherine Castano ’27 — Musical (Cast Award)
  • Light Grella ’27 — Musical (Production Staff Award)
  • Sadie Edgar ’25 —Ensemble
  • Cate Huegel ’23 — Freestyle
  • Anna Chamberlin ’26 — Aquila
  • Esperanza Burbano ’26 — Dancers
  • Alex Huegel ’25 — Dramatica
  • Gwyn Healy ’25 — Lighting Tech Crew
  • Danielle Delano ’24 — Scribes

Outstanding Achievement – Recognizes students with outstanding talent who demonstrate genuine curiosity about their art form.

  • Isabella Carreno ’23 — Musical (Cast Award)
  • Isabella Carreno ’23 — Ensemble
  • Oceana Li ’27— Musical (Production Staff Award)
  • Grace Ritter ’25 — Aquila
  • Kenzie Schiller ’26 — Lighting Tech
  • Grace Bienstock ’26 — Dancers
  • Sarah Maher ’23 — Scribes
  • Kenzie Schiller ’26 — Dramatica

Congratulations Royals!