Oak Knoll Student-Athletes Featured on Cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine

Several student-athletes from Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child are featured on the June 2022 cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine! Field hockey player and Summit resident Caitlin Ann Geoghegan ’24 is even included in the cover story honoring the 50th anniversary of Title IX and how it has shaped the modern sports landscape. 

The in-depth package of stories explores the history and future of Title IX, and captures the spirit of the law that, in one way or another, has impacted every woman in the country.

In addition to a write up from Geoghegan’s mother, Jennifer Geoghegan, the Sports Illustrated June 2022 cover features photos of the following Oak Knoll School 2021 graduates: Sara Rogers ’21, Annika Spoor ’21, Sadie Horsey ’21, Sarah Duttenhofer ’21, Keely Comizio ’21, Lily Ramsey ’21, Maeve Olson ’21, Colleen Quinn ’21, Annie Burton ’21, Claire Adelhelm ’21, and Greta Criqui ’21. 

“It’s so remarkable to see Oak Knoll student-athletes on the cover of Sports Illustrated,” said Head of School Jennifer G. Landis. The girls in the picture, and all the girls at Oak Knoll, come from a long line of strong and successful women. We must remember our legacy and honor those who have gone before us who worked to make sure that girls and women had a seat at the table. The 50th anniversary of Title IX is a good reminder of how we continue to benefit from that work and how we should continue to pay it forward by making sure girls and women can use their gifts and talents in every arena.” 

Oak Knoll Athletic Director Dr. Kelly Childs, who grew up in a family with two brothers and was never treated differently as a female, said she’s been fortunate to only know a world with organized sports for women of all ages. 

“I was always just an athlete like my brothers,” said Dr. Childs. “I didn’t realize some of the inequalities until I got older, and it is ultimately what led me to a career in athletics, still a heavily male-dominated field. Oftentimes as the lone female around a conference table, my experiences playing sports gave me the confidence, grit, and work ethic necessary to compete and succeed. 

“Working at Oak Knoll, I’m reminded daily about the blessings and the challenges of being a woman and watching our student-athletes develop as people is one of the best parts of my job. We pride ourselves on offering a competitive athletic program that teaches life lessons through sports and empowers our student-athletes to take risks, learn from losses, and develop their sense of self in the process. We are fortunate to have alumnae come back each year and share how their time playing sports at Oak Knoll taught them so much about life, and leadership, and continues to serve them as they navigate career changes and other life challenges. I look forward to seeing where we are in another 50 years and know we have so many Royals who will be instrumental in leading us forward both on campus and beyond,” said Dr. Childs. 

Way to go, Royals!