Oak Knoll’s Summer Program Adds Professional Certification Program

Oak Knoll joins a few select high schools in being accepted into the Google Professional Certificate Program. Now, in addition to sports and mini-camps, adventure day camp, kindergarten ready, and summer scholars camps, attendees at the Oak Knoll Summer Program can sign up to become job-certified as a:

  • IT Support Specialist
    Evaluate and troubleshoot technology issues so equipment runs smoothly
  • Data Analyst
    Collect, organize, and transform data to make informed decisions
  • Project Manager
    Oversee the planning and execution of projects to ensure they’re successful
  • User Interface Designer
    Make digital and physical products easier and more enjoyable to use
  • Digital Marketer
    Define and develop digital strategies to deliver business growth through online channels

This is a great opportunity for our students to explore fields they are considering for their future. They can develop job-ready skills with no previous experience needed. Courses are self-paced and span anywhere from 180-200 hours of instruction for certification. Google certificates are well-respected in technology circles and can serve as an entry level ticket to employment in a variety of fields. 

Google Certificates are available for any student entering grades 10-12. Graduating seniors can also register. Certificates will also give students an advantage when applying for internships and/or jobs. Once a student has completed the program and passed the assessment the Google certificate is awarded. 

To assist in completing the coursework, History Teacher and Summer Academic Program Dean Nicole Johnston will work with students to create a timeline based on their personal schedule. Aside from learning the skills present in the certificate, students will also learn time management and planning from the mentorship they are provided. The cost to participate in a course is $250. There is no extra cost for the certificate.

For more on the Oak Knoll Summer Scholars Program, visit our Summer Programs website.