Poetry Cafe: How About a Muffin with That Metaphor?

In what is fast becoming a cherished annual tradition, grade six students concluded National Poetry Month with a poetry slam and breakfast buffet. On Monday, April 29, 2024, family members joined the class in the Aileen Maury Dining Hall for their Poetry Cafe. Every student in the class had the opportunity to read a selection of work they had created during an extended unit of poetry — whether it be alliteration, metaphor, simile, personification, limerick, haiku, cinquain, acrostic, and more. Following the readings, family and student groups worked together on a fun poetry puzzle activity. 

During their unit on poetry, students also had the privilege of attending two in-depth Zoom sessions with Ken Nesbitt, celebrated writer of humorous children’s verse and former Children’s Poet Laureate. Nesbitt encouraged the students to embrace the creative ease with which one can write poems if they are open to improvisation and curiosity. He jammed with the students to spontaneously create a group poem that they later completed independently. Throughout the month, students penned their stanzas and maintained a poetry journal.

“This is a fun unit focusing on honing your imagination,” explained Grade Six English Teacher Oyi Daniels. “Students can add humor to their poems, or their poems can be more reflective. It was their choice. There are very few rules for this unit. After just completing back-to-back essay units, I think this was a nice departure.”

What an energetic and creative event for students to share their poetic talents and for the Lower School to wrap up National Poetry Month.