Romero Center Service Trip: Every Small Deed Matters

Each year, Oak Knoll partners with the Romero Center in Camden, NJ, to offer grade 11 students the unique opportunity to connect service and social justice teachings through an overnight experience. The juniors traveled in two separate groups to the center on November 6-7 and November 13-14, respectively. 

After arriving at the Romero Center, students enjoyed an evening of learning, reflection, and fun while exploring the concepts of Catholic social teaching, what calls our community to seek out service opportunities, and how to engage in service. The next morning, they began their day with breakfast and a prayer service before heading to various designated service sites. After an invigorating day of sharing time and talents with others, they returned to the Romero Center for a closing prayer service and reflection before returning to Oak Knoll.

Grace Ritter ’25 was a member of the first group traveling to the Romero Center and reflected, “Our group split up and went to four different service locations. I went to the food bank, and we boxed over 2,000 pounds of food altogether. We also went to Urban Promise School and were able to help them prepare for an event they were holding the following week. We cleaned up trash and leaves around the facility. The highlight of the trip for me would have to be seeing the piles of food get smaller and the boxes getting higher. It was nice to see that visual of the impact we were making. I think we were all able to step back from our busy lives and remember some people are less fortunate, and we can help.”

The Romero Center is located in Camden, New Jersey, at the St. Joseph-Pro Cathedral School, Church, and parish center compound. Its mission is to give young people the opportunity to see that there is both opportunity and challenge in the work of the Church. Ultimately, students learn that their service work can be transformative to others and themselves.

Oak Knoll is committed to creating opportunities for students to come together to build community not only at Oak Knoll but beyond. We are guided by Holy Child Founder Cornelia Connelly’s wisdom that every small deed matters and that God cherishes these actions.

students coloring leaves