Students Honored in Oak Knoll’s 31st Annual Arts Celebration

Nearly two dozen students were recognized on Thursday, April 11, 2024, for their leadership, service, and achievement at Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child during the 31st annual Arts Recognition Ceremony. The ceremony honors their excellence in various artistic fields, including visual arts, music, theater, dance, photography, and writing.

The Achievement Award is issued to students with outstanding talent who also demonstrate a genuine curiosity about their work and what they do. The Service Award is issued to students who are dedicated to their group’s endeavors and show a willingness to help others. The Leadership Award is issued to students who have guided their organizations with vision and purpose. The art recognition ceremony serves as a robust reminder of the many opportunities students have to exercise their creativity both academically and through extracurriculars.

”Following my first photography class, I was introduced to the incredible experiences achieved by immersing oneself in artistic expression,” said Creative Arts Council President Christina Nestor ‘24 as she opened the celebration. “As a result, I joined Oak Knoll’s literary magazine, and during my junior year, I took on the role of the art and photography editor. These unique experiences taught me to take risks and to further my creative abilities. As the Creative Arts Council President, my goal was to inspire students to increase involvement in the arts and experience the same joy I received in embracing something new.” 

The recipients of Oak Knoll School’s 2024 Arts Recognition Awards are:


  • Liandra Taylor ’24 — Dancers
  • Danielle Delano ’24 — Scribes
  • Ava  Racich ’24 — Aquila
  • Gwen Healy ’25 — Lighting Tech Crew
  • Riley Steinel ’25 — Vocal and Instrumental Music
  • Emelia Exton ’24 — Musical (Cast Award)
  • AvaClaire Lago ’25 — Musical (Production Staff Award)
  • Maren Hux ’24 — Freestyle
  • Caitlin Canal ’25 — Untucked
  • Alex Huegel ’25, Grace Ritter ’25 — Dramatica


  •  Sadie Edgar ’25 — Musical (Cast Award)
  •  Lauren White ’25 — Vocal and Instrumental Music
  •  Christina Nestor ’24 — Freestyle
  •  Elise Wojie ’24 — Aquila
  •  Abby Siecczkowski ’25 — Lighting Tech Crew


  • Adeola Adebiyi ’24 — Musical (Cast Award)
  • Iona Dowden ’25 — Vocal and Instrumental Music
  • Jane Finney ’24 — Aquila
  • Abby Flood ’24 — Freestyle
  • Colleen O’Connor ’25 —  Lighting Tech
  • Agatha Cabrera ’24 — Dramatica

Congratulations to these blossoming artists.