Field Hockey Post-Season Awards Announced

oak knoll's field hockey team picture 2020-21Oak Knoll’s field hockey team, ranked No. 1 in the country, continues to bring in the postseason accolades.

The Royals were recently named’s Team of the Year among many other top individual and team honors.

The following Oak Knoll players were named to’s 2020 All-State Field Hockey, First Team: Defensive players Keely Comizio ’21 and Gabby Volpe ’21 and goalie Colleen Quinn ’21. Forward Lily Ramsey ’21 was named to’s 2020 All-State Field Hockey Third Team.

Oak Knoll field hockey athletes were also named to’s All Non-Public Team. The all non-public first team includes: Forward Lily Ramsey ’21, midfielder Lea Good ’23, midfielder Clare Brennan ’21, defense Keely Comizio ’21, defense Gabby Volpe ’21 and Colleen Quinn ’21. Forward Megan Joel ’21 was named to’s all non-public second team and was also statewide leader in goals with 18. Lily Ramsey ’21 finished the season with 16 goals and Emma Ramsey ’23 had 15.

Lea Good ’23 led the Royals with 12 season assists and Lily Ramsey ’21 finished with 10 assists.

Field hockey coaches in the Essex/Union Conference also selected Comizio as their Essex/Union Conference Player of the Year.

During Comizio’s field hockey career, she helped the Royals win three non-public titles, two Tournament of Champions and a regional championship.

“This award is all thanks to my coaches and teammates,” said Comizio. “I have the best, most respected coaches in the state who have taught me more in my four years than I would have ever imagined, on and off the field. It is a privilege to play with my teammates because they elevate my game and force me to be better. This has been the best four years of my life, and this honor is a great way to commemorate my incredible teammates and coaches. I would never have been able to earn this without them.”

Essex/Union Conference field hockey coaches also selected their conference All-Star picks. The OKS all-star athletes selected as All-Stars in the Red Division, First Team includes: Keely Comizio ’21, Gabby Volpe ’21, Lily Ramsey ’21, Lea Good ’23 and Megan Joel ’21.

The All-Star, Red Division Second Team includes: Clare Brennan ’21, Colleen Quinn ’21, Julia Ramsey ’23, Emma Ramsey ’23 and Kate Siedem ’23. Darby Campbell ’23 and Mia Albano ’22 earned Honorable Mention.

Lastly, the Essex/Union County Conference named the following OKS athletes to the All-Union county, First Team: Keely Comizio ’21, Gabby Volpe ’21, Lily Ramsey ’21, Lea Good ’23, Megan Joel ’21, Clare Brennan ’21, and Colleen Quinn ’21.

The All-Union County, second team includes: Julia Ramsey ’23, Emma Ramsey ’23, Kate Siedem ’23 and Darby Campbell ’23. Mia Albano ’22 and Sam Petrucco ’22 earned honorable mention.

“I’m so proud of everyone for all of the accolades they earned this past season,” said Ali Good, OKS head field hockey coach. “I am especially proud of our team who earned team of the year honors. In a year where our season was uncertain, everything was changing and not much was normal, our team was still able to come together and play at an elite level and continue the tradition of Oak Knoll field hockey.

“More importantly I was proud that as a team they did everything in their control to have a season, play together and learn how important it is to enjoy and treasure every moment,” Good said. “The recognition is so special and truly deserving but the overall win for our program was being able to experience and play Oak Knoll field hockey this season.”

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