A Nod to Broadway with the Lower School Spring Arts Celebration

Last week’s Spring Arts Celebration engaged students in grades 3-6 in Oak Knoll’s first venture into Broadway fair with a production of Into the Woods Jr. Students were confident and well prepared to bring their best to the stage. 

Lower School Music Teacher Brigid Smircich rallied our talented performers to the Mother Mary Campion Center for the Performing Arts, and audience members were not disappointed. One parent was overheard saying, “You could put this on Netflix!”

Students and parents were invited to attend the Art Show in the Lower School after the Thursday night performance. Students’ artwork from across the year was displayed on the walls and tables on all three floors.

Into the Woods Jr. was an apt choice for Lower School students as many are already familiar with the fairy tale characters depicted in the play. The musical has an ample variety of options to highlight the Oak Knoll chorus as well as some talented Lower School soloists. The Spring Arts Celebration has been a Lower School tradition for over 10 years. It also complements the Kindergarten to Grade Two Arts Celebration that occurs in spring.

“We give big congratulations to our grade 3 to 6 students for their performance this past week and for their wonderful artwork so carefully chosen and displayed at our art show,” said Lower School Division Head Christine Spies. “Thank you to our families for joining in this celebration of your child’s love of the arts and what is an integral part of our program.” 

The colorful set was predominantly constructed by students under the direction of Drama and Grade One Religion Teacher Christina Olson — with additional pieces contributed by Lower School Art Teacher Tim Brown and Director of Maintenance Andy Hurd. 

Olson said, “Thank you to all our students, faculty, and staff for everything you did to make Into the Woods a huge success!”