Algebra I Refresher with ALEKS

Algebra I Refresher with ALEKS
Format: This course is asynchronous, with one hour per week on Zoom
Dates: June 24 to August 8
Grades: Any student who has previously taken Algebra I
Grades: 6-8
Fee: $450
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Get ready to conquer Algebra I with confidence through our summer refresher course, leveraging the power of ALEKS (Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces). Designed for students looking to strengthen their algebraic foundation or refresh their skills before the upcoming school year, this course offers a dynamic and personalized learning experience.

Key Features:

  1. Private one-on-one sessions with teacher via Zoom: Throughout the course, students can schedule four sessions with an Oak Knoll teacher. Each session is an hour in length and will take place via Zoom. Once registered for the course, each student will select a day/time that meets their schedule for these sessions. Zoom sessions will take place between the time period of June 24 – August 8. 
  2. Personalized Learning Pathways: ALEKS adapts to your individual strengths and areas of improvement, creating a personalized learning pathway. Whether you need a comprehensive review or targeted practice, the platform tailors the curriculum to meet your specific needs.
  3. Core Algebra I Concepts: Revisit and reinforce fundamental Algebra I concepts, including solving linear equations, inequalities, working with polynomials, understanding functions, and mastering key algebraic techniques. Strengthen the skills essential for success in higher-level math courses.
  4. Interactive Practice Modules: Engage with interactive practice modules that offer hands-on reinforcement of algebraic principles. These modules provide a dynamic and stimulating learning environment, making the review process both effective and enjoyable.
  5. Real-World Applications: Connect algebraic concepts to real-world applications, demonstrating the practical relevance of the skills you’re mastering. Explore how algebra is used in various fields, enhancing your appreciation for the subject.
  6. Self-Paced Learning: Benefit from a flexible, self-paced learning structure that accommodates your schedule. Whether you’re aiming for an intensive review or prefer to spread your study sessions, this course allows you to learn at your own pace.
  7. Immediate Feedback and Progress Tracking: Receive instant feedback on your performance and track your progress throughout the course. ALEKS’s real-time tracking system ensures that you stay informed about your strengths and areas for improvement.
  8. Diagnostic Assessment: Begin the course with a diagnostic assessment to identify your specific areas of need. Use this information to tailor your learning plan and focus on the topics that require additional attention.
  9. Three-Month Access: Access to the online course begins on June 24. Students will have access to this course for three months. This will provide an excellent secondary resource as students begin the school year. It will also allow them to refine their math skills for the entire summer!

Whether you’re gearing up for Algebra I or looking to reinforce your algebra skills, our Algebra I Refresher with ALEKS offers a comprehensive and flexible approach to ensure you enter the school year with a strong mathematical foundation. Join us for a summer of personalized learning and algebraic mastery!