Oak Knoll Community Spreads Messages of Gratitude with Day of Giving

Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child is going BIG as we wind down the 2020-21 school year, sending messages of gratitude and thanking loved ones, friends, and colleagues near and far.

Tomorrow on Wednesday, June 9, 2021, the OKS Office of Advancement is set to honor the end of another successful school year with the launch of our BIG Give starting at 12:01 a.m., and this day of giving arrives with a twist. Donors are asked to make reflective contributions in honor of anyone deserving recognition – in or outside of the OKS community. So, think about your parents, grandparents, friends, family members, mentors, colleagues – anyone who you feel deserves a shout-out!

“We are spreading gratitude for those who have supported you during these challenging past 15 months when all we knew and all we expected was turned upside down,” said Cynthia Prewitt, Oak Knoll’s Director of Institutional Advancement. “This is a perfect time to pay tribute to your family, friends, colleagues, and those who taught your children. You might want to celebrate your son or daughter on a milestone graduation, or a steadfast colleague, an outstanding educator who supported your student, or a friend who was your North Star. This is your chance to celebrate these individuals in your life.  Just write a line or two about what that person means to you and we will do the rest. We will make sure that they are informed of your gratitude.”

The OKS Office of Advancement will email the donor designee a copy of your message thanking them, and your message will also be showcased on Oak Knoll’s website, on social media platforms and in a special section of the school’s Annual Report.  All donors will also receive a gift. 

Have someone deserving in mind? Let’s spread some positivity and see here for more information about the BIG Give!