Oak Knoll Graduates First-Ever Pre-K Class from the Little Acorns

A tight-knit group of 14 4-year-olds who never let any friend be alone and loved playing together were the first class to graduate on Friday, June 4, 2021, from Oak Knoll School’s Little Acorns preschool program. The on-campus celebration was held in the Choral Music Room for parents and teachers. 

Despite the pandemic, Oak Knoll’s youngest students showed resilience during this unusual school year by attending school in-person, full day on campus – while adhering to campus and classroom COVID safety precautions. 

Marissa Barbarino, Little Acorns head preschool teacher, said that the Little Acorns adjusted well to wearing masks, keeping their socially distant spaces and that the school was well prepared to take on the new preschool program.

“Having plexiglass on our tables allowed us to let the children sit and communicate with their friends in a safe environment,” said Barbarino. “Our beautiful campus allowed us to be able to take learning outside. We were able to provide each child with their own playdough, pencils, crayons, and markers. Each child had their own iPads, which gave us the opportunity to teach them how to use different technology platforms in the event of remote learning.”

Lower School Division Head Christine Spies said the community is so proud of the first class of preschool students and all that they have accomplished this year.

“They are an intelligent and joyful group of Little Acorns, who are excited to move on to Kindergarten!” said Spies. 

Barbarino said that the end of the year is a bittersweet time. 

“I reflect back on their growth throughout the year and am so proud of all they have accomplished,” said Barbarino.  “We keep a handwritten journal of their first names and at the end of each month each child writes their name in their journal.  In May, we take a glance back at how much their handwriting skills have improved.  I love seeing the kids excited over their successes, it makes my heart so full!” she said. 

The single-section Little Acorns program, which includes before- and after-care options, is designed for potty-trained children who will be 4 years old before the start of the school year.

See here for additional programmatic information about Oak Knoll’s Little Acorns Preschool program or here to help determine if your little one is ready for preschool this Fall.

Congratulations, Little Acorns!