Oak Knoll Parents’ Association Is Devoted to Service

“Service is a large part of why people choose Oak Knoll and integral to the community, and that’s why so many people signed up,” said Oak Knoll parent Sarah Fitzsimmons in reference to a recent day of service at the Vito A. Gallo Senior Building in Summit. 

Dozens of Oak Knoll parents recently gathered there to create a beautiful outdoor garden for residents to enjoy. Fitzsimmons, along with fellow parent Cristina Adragna are co-chairs of the Oak Knoll Parents’ Association Service Committee, which will be organizing additional projects at the senior building throughout the year.

“When we were looking for meaningful service projects this year, I reached out to Councilwoman Delia Hamlet for some ideas,” said Adragna. “She attended a meeting where needs were discussed regarding the housing space. She thought this might be a perfect project for the Oak Knoll PA. We met and brainstormed with Dan Chomuk from the landscape company Leaf and Line, and with the generosity of the Oak Knoll community we were able to create a beautiful garden area for the residents of the Vito Gallo building and all of Summit to enjoy. We hope to continue beautifying this area every season.”

The Vito A. Gallo Senior Building is operated by the Housing Authority of the City of Summit and contains 125 units for moderate to low income seniors who qualify. It is one of three housing options offered by the Authority including Weaver Street and Glenwood Place.

In alignment with the ethos of the school, The Oak Knoll Parents’ Association is devoted to community service. Previous projects have included: sorting food, assembling food boxes, and prepping food to be distributed by the Community Food Bank of New Jersey;  assembling sandwiches to support Bridges Outreach for distribution to the homeless; donations to benefit the Pierre Toussaint Food Pantry in Newark; wrapping presents for the children of Paterson in conjunction with St. John’s Cathedral; providing a monthly lunch for the cloistered Dominican Sisters in Summit; and assembling gift bags containing clothing, supplies, and helpful accessories for newborn infants for the benefit of Birth Haven.

speaker talks to crowdPhoto of student council members