Oak Knoll to Host First-Ever Night of Cabaret

By Zahra Jones ’23 and Megan McCann ’23

Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child will host its first-ever night of Cabaret on Friday, May 12, 2023, at 7 p.m. in the Grace Hall Choral Music Room. More than 30 Upper School students are involved in the production with over 20 acts ready to perform a variety of different numbers, including singing, acting, and more. A skilled lighting crew composed entirely of Oak Knoll students will also accompany the group of talented performers. 

Oak Knoll’s Upper School Creative Arts Department has seen a lot of changes this year with the addition of Ms. Bodollo (theater) and Ms. Gotanco (music) to the Upper School faculty and the first-ever Upper School Cabaret is a perfect example of Ms. B and Ms. G’s dedication to growing the OKS theater program. 

Earlier this year, Oak Knoll presented James and the Giant Peach for the school’s musical production, along with the annual Dance Concert and fall performance of Dramatica which featured Agatha Christie’s “The Whodunit Murder Mystery Plays.” The department looks toward the annual Upper School Spring Concert later this month and, earlier this year, the Upper School’s select choir, Ensemble, was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall on May 26 as part of a larger group comprising choirs who have been recognized for their excellence and musicality.

Ms. Bodollo and Ms. Gotanco are very excited to welcome this Cabaret to the Oak Knoll stage, as the event not only serves as an opportunity to highlight the talents of the students, but also to encourage new participants to join the OKS theater program. Regarding the growth of the music and theater program, Ms. Gotanco explained, “I want to encourage people to try it as much as possible.” The department’s overall goal of the cabaret is to give students a place to demonstrate their immense talent and give newcomers an opportunity to dip their toes into the world of theater production. The future of the Upper School Creative Arts Department looks very bright, as Ms. G remarks, “I’m excited to see what comes next for our department because there’s a lot of untapped potential.” 

Both Ms. B and Ms. G are determined to tap into all the potential the Oak Knoll community has to offer. In their first year, there has already been enormous growth in the musical and theater communities, and their vision is just beginning. In regards to encouraging more students to join the theater program, Ms. Gotanco ensures, “If you want to learn, if you want to work, you can do anything.”

Zahra Jones ’23 and Megan McCann ’23 have chosen to work in Oak Knoll’s Marketing and Communications Department for the month of May to complete their senior Capstone Project. Stay tuned for more contributions to our web news and social media channels. We are excited to have them join our team!

As the final “cap” to their high school experience, seniors independently explore different areas of interest to them, whether it is academic, creative, career or service-oriented, and students are challenged to demonstrate their passion for discovery beyond the limits of the curriculum.