“It is the opportunity to understand other cultures, promoting peace and appreciation for others.”

Global Studies

Oak Knoll is one of nine schools in the Holy Child Network of Schools across the United States and 13 international schools that provide independent Catholic education around the world. The Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus sponsor schools in England, Ireland, France, Nigeria, and Ghana. Inspired by the unique challenge of educating students for the 21st century, Oak Knoll provides an education that truly prepares young women for the world ahead of them. At Oak Knoll, young women take advantage of real-world learning activities both domestically and abroad, they master new languages while gaining an appreciation for world cultures, and they discover their endless potential in a school community where learning has no borders.

Our Global Studies initiative is designed to expose students to the world, giving them opportunities to learn about other cultures, and explore differences. As part of the initiative, Oak Knoll students travel across the globe and may stay with families for two weeks, and Oak Knoll families welcome students from other countries into their homes.

Our Exchanges

Oak Knoll currently has exchange programs with Barcelona, Spain; Hawaii, and Killiney, Ireland. Previous international exchanges, performances, and service opportunities included travel to: Appalachia, Australia, Austria, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Quebec, and Spain.