Upper School student teaching others in the class.

The Upper School

Oak Knoll: A Rigorous Middle and High School Curriculum for Girls

Research tells us that girls, particularly adolescent girls, thrive in the single-sex classroom because all-girls middle and high school classrooms offer young women exceptional opportunities. Our rigorous, college prep, middle and high school curriculum develops qualities essential to a meaningful life — qualities such as self-discipline, self-confidence, leadership, critical thinking, respect for diverse of ideologies, and the ability to solve problems.

In our all-girls 9-12 high school academic program, nearly all girls take four years of math and science. Physics, chemistry and biology are taken by all Oak Knoll students, and many students take a fourth year of science in one of the advanced placement offerings or in the honors science electives program. Our ninth grade Physics First Program challenges even the most prepared science student to think in new ways and to gain a comprehensive understanding of the natural sciences.

Our college prep program truly prepares the girls for the world ahead of them as Oak Knoll students travel, whether in the classroom or as an exchange student. As part of the academic program, all students take three years of a world language working to achieve proficiency in speaking and writing a language. Our middle and high school girls find the foreign language curriculum encourages them to appreciate global connections as they begin to understand the world today demands understanding and appreciation of world cultures.

Our middle and high school curriculum is rich with interdisciplinary study that spans departments and promotes holistic learning.

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