Upper School student teaching others in the class.

Oak Knoll is where young women succeed with purpose.

Young women thrive in Oak Knoll’s all-girl Upper School, where ambitious academics encourage students to voice their opinions, think creatively, and take risks as they prepare to excel in top-tier colleges. 

Here, young women learn by doing, lead by serving, and live by faith. 

Our rigorous program inspires students to discover and develop the best parts of themselves by providing exceptional opportunities in a single-sex environment – validated by research to help young women set high educational goals, break gender barriers, and emerge as leaders. 

At Oak Knoll, we champion the growth and success of all young women – and we welcome you to join us. 

Our All-Girls 7-12 Program

Grades 7–8
Grades 7–8
Grades 9-12
Grades 9-12

Academic Program Highlights

Oak Knoll’s college-prep Upper School program prepares girls to succeed in the world that lies ahead through challenging programs in academics, athletics, the arts, and opportunities to serve.

Our middle and high school curriculum is rich with interdisciplinary study that spans departments and promotes holistic learning.

All girls in grades 9-12 take physics, chemistry, and biology – and many take a fourth year of advanced placement or honors science. Our ninth-grade Physics First program challenges students to think in new ways about the natural sciences. 

Signature programs – such as EmpowHER, Emerging Leaders of a Globalized World, Leadership Evaluation and Development (L.E.A.D.), Senior Capstone, and Social Innovators Program – prepare young women to live lives of purpose and set the standard of excellence in any setting.

All students take three years of a world language to achieve proficiency in speaking and writing and appreciate the global connections the world today demands.

As one of nine U.S. schools and 13 international schools in the Holy Child Network of Schools, our Global Studies initiative exposes students to the world. Oak Knoll currently has exchange programs with Barcelona, Spain; Hawaii, and Killiney, Ireland.

Profile of an Upper School Graduate

“I had a collaborative, dynamic education at Oak Knoll where we were not talked at by the teacher – it was more of a dynamic experience that kept us engaged.” 

– Rachel Ford ’09, Research Associate at The New Jersey Medical School Clinical Research Center at Rutgers University

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