Upper School student learns digital photography during class.


Integrated Technology

Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child is committed to developing a community of lifelong learners. That mission includes “meeting the wants of the age,” to develop learning skills that make the best use of current technology to:

  • Communicate
  • Collaborate
  • Provide critical thinking opportunities
  • Think creatively
  • Create literacy in the areas of information, media, and technology

Oak Knoll recognizes that technology, digital communication, and information systems are a part of our society, and all of our students in our coed K-6 elementary school and our all-girls 7-12 middle and high school have access to a variety of technology tools to complement and enhance the learning experience. These tools play an important role in learning and success beyond the school years. Our goal is to teach our students the best use of these tools and resources as an integrated part of learning in the classroom and in their world.

Highlights of Our Technology Program

  • Technology is integrated at every learning level at Oak Knoll.
  • 1:1 student-to-technology ratio for all students.
  • For most students, the devices (computers and tablets) stay on campus, but for our older students, the devices travel back and forth with them.
  • Our computing environment includes everything from iMacs to iPads to Chromebooks to Windows-based laptops.
  • Our philosophy is to develop essential skills that can be transported across platforms.
  • Our classrooms are equipped with interactive touch screens and boards, wireless projectors, and other instructional equipment, based on the grade level and subject taught. Robotics, 3D printing, and other engineering tools are used for specific classes and projects.

Help Desk

Our Help desk, located in Connelly Hall, provides technology support for both divisions for all hardware and software issues. We work in conjunction with division-based technology integrators on training, evaluating new software and equipment for the classroom, and providing instruction on digital citizenship and responsible use of technology.

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Tech Team

Rob AndolinaRob Andolina

Chief Technology Officer

Kimberly ConnollyKimberly Connolly 

Associate Director of Technology Innovation & Integration

Mike Chioffe

Mike Chioffe

Assistant Director of Technology

Talia Nochumson

Talia Nochumson

Technology Integration Specialist and Computer Science Department Chair
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